Friday 4 November 2016

Freebies galore thanks to Gratisfaction UK

Being a family on a low income and tight financial budget I am always looking for new ways to save money and make our money go further. To help save us money and ensure our spending stays within our means I try to be frugal and watch the purse strings closely. 

I monitor our spending using a spending diary and online banking apps, meal plan and use shopping lists which I make sure we stick to, make use of vouchers and company points schemes, and take advantage of discounts, sales and offers that are relevant to us.

Whilst getting something you need at a discounted price is amazing and very helpful for reining in our spending and keeping our bank balance looking somewhat healthy, getting something for free is even better.

As I love a freebie I like to keep an eye on a super useful website called Gratisfaction UK which is overflowing with freebies galore!

Showcasing UK freebies along with money off coupons and competitions the site is perfect for frugal people who love a bargain and free stuff

The site helpfully covers a huge - and I mean HUGE - variety of categories such as baby, food and drink, home and garden, pets, travel, student, music, kids, downloads and apps, and cosmetics.

So that you don’t miss a fabulous freebie or bargain hot discount the site brings you the latest free offers throughout the day.

Much to Bug’s delight, thanks to Gratisfaction I managed to snag him a personalised Kinder storybook for free!

Do you love a freebie? Have you used Gratisfaction UK yet?

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