Tuesday 29 November 2016

The world of dating

Dating can be a minefield. First there’s the challenge of finding prospective dates and arranging a date that suits the both of you. Do you keep it brief with a quick coffee date to begin with? Or perhaps a dinner date? Then there are the options of a cinema date, or a fun and lighthearted date doing an activity such as bowling. Heck the possibilities are endless and really depends on both you and your date, your personalities and interests and what you both feel like would be a good first date.

Then there’s the dreaded ‘what do I wear’ challenge to overcome. Once you are on your date you have to overcome nerves and hope that the conversation flows well and that you both have complimentary dating etiquette.

It can be really hard to put yourself out there in the hope of finding that special someone, the one who is compatible with your life and the idea of your perfect partner.

In the fast paced, busy and modern world we live in I think the first challenge of finding prospective dates is the hardest. As people often tend to live in their own little bubble with their circle of friends and family unless you start dating someone you already know it can be a case of not meeting new people who could be potential dates.

Here are just a few ways that could help you meet someone new that might turn out to be that special one -

Get a hobby
If you have a particular interest or hobby that opens up to interacting with people get out there and do what you love. By going to a group event or class that is connected to your hobby or interest you will get a chance to meet new people. A benefit of meeting someone through your hobby or interest is that you will already have a shared interest which is a great starting point for conversation and getting to know someone new.

Online dating
As the world we live in has become ever more dependent on the internet and technology, the popularity of online dating and dating apps has skyrocketed. Take a look at a few online dating websites to find one that suits your personality and what type of relationship you want. If you are put off online dating because you think it is only for young 20 something’s think again, there are a huge array of websites that cater for all ages. For example www.50-dating.co.uk is a over 50 dating site that has over 800,000 UK members! If you find a website that suits you and what you want in a relationship and partner, online dating gives you the opportunity to get to know prospective dates before meeting in person as you can message each other.

Attend single dating events
Whilst the thought of a single dating event may fill you with dread they are very popular and the benefit of them is that everyone attending is in the same boat. A single dating event will get in the dating scene and allow you to hone your conversational skills. Even if you don’t find ‘the one’ you may find that it is a lot of fun and talking to lots of strangers where you can practice the art of dating will also give you a confidence boost that you can use when trying other ways of finding a date and when you are on a date. Plus you never know you might be surprised and find that special person you are looking for there.

Be open to set-ups
If you are looking for a partner don’t be shy about it. Letting you friends and family know that you are open to a relationship and are dating in the hope of finding your ideal partner might lead you to finding them as they might just know someone that they think is perfect for you. An introduction from a mutual friend is helpful as you know the person they are setting you up with finds the qualities in friends the same as you do as you both are friends with the same person.

It also pays to be friendly and aware of people when going about your daily life. Being stuck in your own bubble, glued to your phone or unfriendly may mean you are missing out on finding your ideal partner when going shopping, hitting the gym or when out and about at events or nights out.

And if you have a bad date don’t let that put you off trying again because as they say there’s plenty more fish in the sea!

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