Friday 11 November 2016

Working in the financial sector

Are you thinking of a change of career?

Does the idea of working in the financial industry appeal?

If you are nodding yes, why not take the first steps to a new career and the venture down the path to your ideal job today.

The UK finance sector is vast and varied with a huge range of different job roles across the industry such as bank cashier, mortgage adviser, accounting, stockbroker and so much more.

If you’ve never worked in the financial sector before start by researching what qualifications and skills is needed for your ideal job in the world of finance. Keep an eye out for job openings and consider an apprenticeship role that will allow you to learn and gain qualifications on the job.

If you find you need a particular qualification or skill that you don’t already have, perhaps you need a GCSE of a particular grade, then why not look at going back into education either at a college or long distance learning online to gain qualifications that will help you get the job you want.

Once you have a role in the financial sector most companies offer training on the job so that you can gain further qualifications and experience.

It can sometimes be worth going for a role that might not be your ideal job within the financial sector so that you can gain valuable experience and training as you work your way up the financial career ladder.

For example your dream financial job role may be mortgage adviser but stepping straight into that role might not be as easy as you wish it could be. Consider getting a job as a bank cashier first where you could train and gain qualifications such as NVQ’s in customer service and providing financial services. 

Once in the role of bank cashier where you will have been able to complete relevant courses, you could then complete a recognised mortgage advice course with Simply Academy who are experts in financial training. Taking a course via Simply Academy is worthwhile considering as they are a leading training provider who work with a huge array of financial clients such as Halifax and Santander, and who specialise in the financial sector and boast impressive pass rates.

Completing courses and on the job training will help you pave the way to further your professional development within the world of finance so that you can become more skilled and experienced in the role you are in or enable you to change roles within the financial sector.

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