Monday 19 December 2016

A year with the HiPP Organic #weanteam

As we are now well and truly in December and only a matter of days away from Christmas, I have found myself reflecting on the past year. It seems unbelievable that the year is already nearly at an end and we will soon be saying goodbye to 2016.

During the past year we have had lots of fun and family adventures where we have created memorable moments galore that I will cherish forever. The year has seen both of my boys grow and change so quickly.

Bug is bigger than ever, more grown up everyday and is flourishing in school and his after school activities such as swimming. Likewise Jelly Bean is changing fast, he is growing ever so quickly and is now a strong, independant and funny toddler. They are both brilliant with each other and have a strong brotherly love bond. They are the best of pals and love spending time together whether they are playing, eating together or out and about having adventures.

A lot has changed in the past year. A few of Bug’s milestones is that he is now in Year 1 in school, can confidently swim underwater whereas before he hated his face getting wet, and my little bookworm is a free reader at school. Jelly Bean is now a confident walker, is a little chatter box with a very cheeky personality, and has progressed through the weaning stage and devours food with ease and eats with the same food as the rest of the family.

As the year draws to a close so does Jelly Bean’s time with the HiPP Organic wean team. It seems unreal that it was a year ago that we met the rest of the wean team and HiPP Organic and that my little baby has gone from taking his first spoonfuls of food to eating toddler sized meals.

It has been a privilege to be part of the wean team especially as HiPP Organic take pride in going the extra mile to make sure that every ingredient they produce is the best it can possibly be, both for baby, parents and for the environment.

Jelly Bean loved eating the HiPP Organic food and weaning using their products combined with a baby led approach worked really well for us. We especially love that HiPP Organic have carefully selected special fruit varieties that are very low in acid, to make their recipes easier for babies’ sensitive stomachs to digest, and their spinach is specially chosen to be low in nitrates, which can be harmful to babies in high doses.

Whilst Jelly Bean’s weaning journey has come to an end, I am pleased that we will still enjoy a little bit of HiPP Organic loveliness in our house with their fruit pots (he still loves these!) and their gorgeous range of baby care products…...the duck foaming hand wash it a huge hit!

Thank you HiPP Organic for a brilliant year as part of the wean team.

If you are about to wean your little one HiPP supports families every step of the way, offering help and advice every step of the way. Most importantly, HiPP offers a range of nutritional, tasty foods suitable for every stage of weaning.  

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