Monday 19 December 2016

Learning with Education Quizzes

From a young age Bug has had a zest for learning. Since starting school that desire to learn has only intensified. Now that he is settled in school as a Year 1 pupil his appetite for learning and improving his educational skills is greater than ever.

As he loves learning we have always supported and encouraged him. At his request we’ve provided fun workbooks and played learning games. His desire to learn and his enjoyment at completing learning workbooks and games along with practicing his letters, phonics and completing his reading homework nightly has well and truly paid off as he is excelling in school and his passion for learning is intensifying.

As he loves learning and learning activities and games, when I was offered the chance of letting Bug try out a site called Education Quizzes I thought that it sounded like the ideal site for him.

Education Quizzes is a site that as the name suggests is full of educational quizzes. With quizzes created by teachers the site aims to help children of all ages and abilities to be successful at school. Designed with making the school curriculum easy and enjoyable, the site covers KS1 (Year 1 and Year 2), KS2 (Years 3-6), 11-Plus, KS3 (Year 7+) and GCSE.

Bug attacked the site with gusto, enjoying the English and Maths quizzes in particular. He loved trying to beat his ‘score’ and would declare with delight his score after finishing quizzes.

Plus as a lover of all things nature he has enjoyed exploring the Nature section of the site.

He did try a few of the quizzes covering secondary school subjects such as art, but whilst he enjoyed playing and learning he found some of the quizzes a little more challenging and above his current knowledge. Even though there were only a handful of questions he could answer correctly the information provided in the quizzes taught him new things.

As a parent I like the fact that the quizzes cover not only primary school subjects such as English, Maths, and Science but also other school subjects such as Geography, Art, and Personal, Social and Health Education. I also like the fact that under each subject there is a huge range of quizzes covering lots of different topics.

I also like the fact that when children answer a quiz question whether they answer correctly or incorrectly, underneath there is a description of the answer with some useful facts and tips which supports further learning and understanding.

With Education Quizzes being a huge hit with Bug, who after his first little play with it asked if he could play more again the next day, I am very impressed with the site and believe it will be a handy learning aid that makes learning fun to support him with his appetite for learning over the years.

Education Quizzes is available for a monthly subscription at £9.95 (can be cancelled at anytime). Also available is a school subscription package for a reduced cost


  1. It's always to have good educational but fun apps and websites to fall back on when I manage to get Rosalie to stop watching the tube xx

  2. We use the Twinkl website at the moment but i think i'm going to have to check out this site when Riley starts KS1 next year as it looks brilliant! xx

  3. I like that there are things out there for them rather than the silly games they can have (because I don't think my kids will stop using a tablet anytime soon)!

  4. This site looks great, will have to check it out with my daughter who's also in year one.

  5. Sounds a collection education app. I like the apps when they don't even realise their learning at the same time as playing!