Wednesday 25 January 2017

Valentine’s Day - What do women really want?

With February swiftly approaching so is the annual holiday of Valentine’s Day. The day when it is traditional to send a card to current or prospective Valentines.

As with most traditional, seasonal holidays the idea of Valentine’s Day has become very retailer driven and materialistic. The expectation of it being simply about an anonymous love themed card being sent to a loved one or a desired Valentine is overlooked by many for more extravagant declarations of love.

Thanks to retailers and brands fuelling the idea of gifts to ‘show the one you love you care’ a simple card can sometimes not be enough. A traditional romantic gift of card, flowers and chocolates may not quench the desires of your intended Valentine either. Romantic meals, love themed days out, sparkling jewellery and so much more are showcased as the ideal Valentine’s Day gifts.

Whilst there may be many people who would adore those things from their loved one, as with most things everyone’s opinions and desires vary. Valentine’s Day is no different.

For all the people out there who love Valentine’s Day there are just as many people, singletons and coupled-up people alike, who hate the day. There will be people who are happy with a simple Valentine’s Day card, others who do not want or need anything from their loved ones, and those who want the day to be crammed full with love and extravagant gifts galore.

Because everyone is so different in their views and wants when it comes to the Valentine’s Day, Rattan Direct are keen to get a little insight into what women really want for Valentine’s Day. They want to know how you feel about the day, how much you spend on Valentine’s Day and what would you rather do. To get involved tell them your views on the day by filling out their survey here.

Whilst I cherish the first Valentine’s Day card Lee gave me on our first Valentine’s Day as a couple, I am not bothered about the day itself. For us we like to show our love all year round and do not need a set day to do that. Especially now we have children we do not bother with gifts, but if Lee wanted to surprise me this year a long, hot soak in the bath kid-free would go down a treat!

What do you think about Valentine’s Day? 

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