Tuesday 24 January 2017

Dear Laptop,

Oh my dear old friend you have served me well and stood strong for nearly 6 years now.

It seems like only yesterday that I first laid eyes upon your sleek purple hued exterior. I welcomed you into my life after your predecessor decided that I had worked them too hard and they had to retire. You, my new laptop, quickly became an established, loyal and hard-working friend.

Your purple exterior is not as shiny as it once was and you show signs of the odd scratch or two. Your keys are worn where I have typed so much and it is just because I know you so well that I know what keys are which. You’ve been opened up a few times by experts who have had to fix this or that and you have fended off so many viruses and attacks.

You have been with me on so many adventures. You helped keep me sane and entertained whilst breastfeeding on demand with both of my boys especially during those middle of the night feeds. You were with me every step of the way on my journey of starting this blog. You moved house with us and have joined us on holidays too. And most of all you have been a way for us to stay connected with friends and family, helping us share our stories and photographs (thanks for storing, editing and uploading thousands of photographs) with them regardless of the miles between.

It is because you have been so brilliant and helpful that my heart is heavy with the knowledge that soon the day when we will part will be here. Having been lovingly used and abused you are showing more signs of being worked too hard. Whilst fixes have so far worked on any minor blips you’ve had, there will come a time when any breakdowns will be too costly to repair in comparison to a new laptop.

As you have been such an amazing laptop it will take a special one to take your place. So that I find a laptop nearly as good as you to help me through all demands of our life and one that can cope with my computing needs, I am making sure to thoroughly research new laptops on the scene. I am reading blogger reviews, watching youtube video reviews, and reading detailed insights on best budgets laptops in the UK on sites such as Sensible Reviewer.

Until the day I find a laptop deemed good enough to follow you, I hope you stay strong and when that day comes you can get some much deserved rest. Thank you for being a hard working friend and sorry for lovingly using you so much.

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