Wednesday 1 March 2017

5 Superfoods to achieve weight loss

Many agree that life would be wonderful if we all had a remote control that could make bad parts in our lives speed up and make the better parts slow down. One of the important aspects that most of us would really like to fast forward would be weight loss.

While it has been proven that steady and slower weight loss usually translates into permanent loss. Many of us are not prepared to wait around for this to happen especially since the warm summer months are almost upon us. Well here are 5 of the top foods you should be adding into your daily diet to reach those weight loss goals a lot quicker. All of these foods have been backed by scientific results and are suggested to burn fat in a period of six weeks or even less.

Green Tea
If you do not drink green tea before or during your workouts you could be wasting valuable time on your training or workout sessions. At Eat Clean Direct a study was published that discovered that after a period of only 2 weeks people who drank 4 to 5 cups of this tea and participated in 25 minutes in exercise or training routines lost a lot more fat in the area of the belly when compared to people who don't drink green tea. Green tea is powerful as it contains an antioxidant named catechins that prevents belly fat storage and assists in faster weight loss.

In a recent study conducted by the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition the researches divided participants for their study into 2 groups. Each of the participants was provided with a very similar low calorie diet that they ate over a period of 12 weeks. The sole difference in the study between these groups was that what each group was given as their afternoon snack. The first group was given 220 calories worth of pretzels and the other group was given 240 calories of pistachios. Into the fourth week of the study, the group that used pistachios as their afternoon snack had decreased their BMI's by one point. The group that used the pretzels did not increase or decrease. The pistachio group also showed improvements in their triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

A study conducted on obese and overweight adults discovered that when combined with a diet that restricts calories eating around a ¼ cup of a nut such as almonds is able to reduce weight better than snacks made up of safflower oil and complex carbohydrates in just 2 weeks. After a period of 24 weeks, the participants that consumed nuts experienced around a 62% greater reduction in their BMI and overall weight.

It is suggested that for the best results, this daily serving should be eaten just before visiting the gym. The JISSN (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition) has found that nuts such as almonds are full of the amino acid L-arginine that assists in burning more calories during a workout.

Yogurt fortified with Vitamin D
You can maximize your weight-loss results when supplementing your current diet with calcium and vitamin D. This information is derived from a study featured in the Nutritional Journal. In this study 4 weeks into the 12 week experiment the participants who had combined these 2 nutrients which is found in certain yogurts managed to double their weight loss when compared to the group that did not. To obtain similar results it is suggested to start each day with a serving of these types of yogurts.

It is suggested that eating just ½ a grapefruit before eating a meal is able to significantly enhance the body's fat-burning performances. In the journal known as Metabolism, one study revealed that this type of "warm-up" technique is able to slim down your waist by an inch in as little as 6 weeks. Scientists have associated these effects with the fat-burning Phytochemicals found in grapefruits. To obtain the best results it is suggested to eat 1/2 a grapefruit every morning before breakfast as well as adding a couple of segments to a starter salad.

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