Friday 14 April 2017

Glitter! - Little Tiger Press book review

Little Tiger Press have recently published a hilarious new book from author Stella J Jones (The Very Grumpy Day) and illustrator Judi Abbot (Train!) - Glitter!

Celebrating glitter in all of it sparkling gloriousness the book is adorned with glitter on every page. With so much glorious glitter being showcased the book is perfect for little ones who love twinkling glitter.

Gloria the rhino LOVES glitter. Even though everyone knows glitter isn’t a real colour, Gloria says that glitter is her favourite colour. Everything is given the glitter treatment by Gloria so much so that everywhere she goes, she leave a trail of glittery happiness behind her.

But with glitter getting everywhere and not everyone being a fan of it like Gloria the book tells us how Gloria’s friends, family and townsfolk react to glitter being spread everywhere!

As a fan of glitter with little ones who also appreciate the shimmer of glitter, the book has been loved by us. The book is beautifully illustrated and the glittertastic pictures are lovely.

Aimed at children aged 3+ years this book has been a hit with both of my children, Bug 6 and Jelly Bean nearly 2. Jelly Bean loves his big brother reading it to him and Bug loves the rhyming and descriptive language, as he says ‘it is a fun book to read’. It is a delightfully charming story with beautiful illustrations and a welcome addition to our bookcase.

Glitter! is available in both hardback and paperback format and is available on the Little Tiger Press website.

Get it today to read with your little ones to find out what happens when Gloria’s Glitter gets everywhere!!

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