Thursday 15 June 2017

Keeping a casual relationship casual

Relationships and sexuality are varied and personal. Living in the eclectic world we know today the array of relationship types and sexuality are spoken of more and more, with people being more outspoken and honest about their lifestyle choices.

Casual relationships are a common relationship that a number of people experience and enjoy. In simple terms often a common casual relationship is a relationship with no long term relationship commitments and where both parties want things to remain casual with no specific devotions to each other as they enjoy the moment. Casual relationship can be simply about sexual needs and/or about satisfying  emotional desires. These relationships avoid the boundaries, personal dedications, commitments and long term hopes and plans that are seen in regular romantic relationships.

There are many reasons why someone wants or prefers to indulge in a casual relationship. Commitment is not for everyone and as such a casual relationship can appeal to many. Perhaps no-strings-attached relationships excite them. Maybe they are single and love being so but want to experience a lusty or emotional connection with someone on a one-off or irregular basis. Casual relationships can be easier to end with no emotional wreckage. With no long term commitments they allow a person not to feel tied down by a serious relationship. Some casual relationships are open and allow experiences with more than one partner. Perhaps they have recently come out of a serious, long term relationship and do not want that type of relationship again.

Whilst the term casual may indicate that a casual, no-strings-attached relationship is easy it is important to bear in mind a few things as the lines between casual and romantic can be easily blurred. Here are a few things to consider if you want to keep a relationship strictly casual -

* Find someone to enjoy a casual relationship with
Casual relationships work best when you find someone with the same expectations and desires about a relationship as you. As such it is worth making your intentions clear from the beginning so that nobody is confused with that the relationship entails.

As casual relationships are successful when both parties have the same ideas about what the relationship should and shouldn’t be carefully consider where to meet your partner. Meeting someone through friends, at a bar or via a dating tool who is looking for a serious relationship will not bode well for a casual relationship and not gel with your relationship wants. Consider using adult dating sites that are designed and catered for no-strings fun or casual relationships are the likelyhood is that other users are looking for the same type of relationship as you.

* Set rules
Whilst the thought of rules may seem contradictory to the notion of a casual relationship having a few basic rules will help make the relationship work for both parties so everyone is happy and not emotions are hurt. It is worth asking each other questions to ensure everyone is aware of what the relationship is and isn’t; for example Do you want to be non-exclusive and date other people at the same time? How often should we meet? What type of interactions do you want when we meet - lust filled meetings only or fun dating too?

* Avoid relationship milestones
Most traditional romantic relationships that end up serious and long term observe particular relationship milestones that take a relationship from being casual to something more with commitment, love and long term sneaking into the relationship.

Meeting friends and family might seem no big deal but if you are not already in the same circle of friends introducing each other to friends and family is a relationship milestone where you see how your partner fits into your social life and subconsciously think of them being in your life long term.

Other relationship milestones that imply a level of commitment and interest for more are observing anniversaries, calling them your girlfriend/boyfriend, and making space for them in your home.

* Limit time together
Often when a relationship gets more serious and both parties are committed to each other it can be noted that they tend to spend more and more time together.  A key way to make sure a relationship stays casual is to limit time together. Whilst you are having fun and enjoying each other it is important not to spend too much time together as the more time you spend together the higher the likelihood of an emotional bond being created and reinforcing attraction to each other which could turn from fun, lustful attraction to love.

If a casual relationship appeals to you, being open and honest with a few simple rules can help you enjoy a fun casual relationship where both parties are happy.

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  1. This is a great post! Very thorough. You're so right - it's so important whilst dating to stay safe, open and honest :)