Tuesday 13 June 2017

Online dating in your 40s

Dating can be a daunting prospect. Putting yourself ‘out there’ in the hope of finding the right person takes courage and confidence. Getting to know someone and letting me get to know you is not always as easy as one would hope it is.

Past relationships and experiences can have a negative effect on looking for right person for you as you open the next chapter of your life. For example, if lack of trust and commitment issues was a problem in a past relationship it can be difficult to open up and trust someone new. Likewise, if you have self-esteem issues the prospect of being ‘judged’ whilst dating can be too much to bare.

But dating is not all bad. If you can overcome worries about dating you may just find that special one to complete your life. Dating can also be a lot of fun too. If you are looking for something serious rather than no-strings, casual dating you might just be surprised to enjoy the experience of meeting new people and gaining confidence as you date until you find the one for you.

With a varied and wonderful dating world out there, from blind dates to speed dating to traditional ‘meet’ through friends or work to online dating, if you are looking to date the world is your oyster.

Whilst you may consider dating, especially newer means of dating such as speed dating, online dating or dating apps, as a young person’s game dating is not just for young people. Whether you are young in age or simply young at heart, the dating world has something to offer everyone.

With more couples divorcing or separating mid-life along with people who have sadly lost their partner to illness or other unfortunate reasons, the number of people in their 40s and 50s who suddenly find themselves single is ever increasing. As such there is a demand for over 50s dating.

Love can be found at any age so don’t let a number stop you finding the one for you. Likewise if you are wanting to let loose and simply have fun there are plenty of opportunities out there. Similarly if companionship is what you want online dating can open the doors to a happy companionship with someone with similar interests and life desires.

Thankfully there are a large number of mature online dating sites available on the market to help those looking to date later on in life, with different sites catering for different dating desires and hopes there are online dating sites for all.

If you find yourself in your 40s or 50s and single but hoping to find the special one for you (or simple companionship or no-strings flirty fun) and are considering entering the world of online dating here are a few tips to consider -

* Find the site for you
With such an array of online dating sites out there it is best to shop around and find the one best suited to your dating desires and personality. For example if you are looking for a long-term relationship a dating site that is aimed at no-strings fun is less likely to help you find ‘the one’ compared to a dating site for those looking for long-term relationships. Likewise if you are wanting to date people of the same age as you dating sites catering for mature dating or dating over 40s and 50s, or if you are looking to date younger or older people look for dating sites that cater to age gaps.

* Do not worry about being embarrassed to be dating online
Online dating is an extremely popular way to date with millions of people all over the world using online dating sites to find partners. If you are dating again after a long-term absence from dating and the last time you were on the dating scene there was no such thing as the internet let alone online dating, remember times have changed and your age does not have to hold you back from online dating just like millions of other people both young and old. Remember the people who you chat with and arrange dates with are also using online dating sites so don’t worry about them judging you as they are in the same situation.

* Only fools rush in
Whilst you may feel a big clock ticking above you and the pressure of being older means that you worry about being left on the shelf it is important not to rush in and take your time. Don’t feel you have to take the first offer, take your time and find the person best for you rather than have an attitude of anyone will do. Likewise even though loneliness can be difficult and it can be disheartening when meetups don’t work out, be patient as it takes time to find the perfect partner for you. Remember the saying ‘sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince’ - which can be true of all genders and sexualities.

* Accept baggage
Very few people get to middle-age without any baggage. Whether divorced, widowed, or out of a long-term relationship, with or without children, and having experienced life's ups and downs, it is important to realise and accept that you and prospective dates will have some form of baggage. It is worth being open and honest about your baggage and any implications that may have (e.g. you may have emotional issues due to baggage from a cheating ex). Likewise remember that others have baggage too and that you may have to accept or deal with it if you like someone. It is also worth remembering that nobody is perfect and what you may consider as your dream partner and ideal type is not what you really want or need for a future of happiness.

Have you tried online dating for the over 40s and 50s?

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