Saturday 15 July 2017

Why it's so important to protect your pet

Pets are so much easier to look after than kids. They grow up quicker and seem to just look after themselves for the most part. Just look at how independent cats are! But they are domestic pets, and they do need a lot more human intervention than you may think. Sure, your cat might have a talent for scoring food from every one of the neighbours. And your dog knows how to get a tickled tummy just by rolling over near an elderly lady. Beyond this ‘self-provision’ though, is an essential health care. That can only come from you.

Did you know that a flea infestation can make your dog or cat incredibly ill? They can become anemic and suffer painful skin infections. Left untreated, it’s possible this could even kill them. It’s so important to choose flea protection like Advecta II to avoid any type of infestation. It’s so much easier than having to get the little blighters out of your pet’s hair and the furniture too. And if your pet is allergic to flea bites, you are saving them from a terrible experience too.

Cats and dogs are prone to serious and contagious illnesses just as humans are. This is why your vet will push and push for you to pay for those expensive vaccinations! Even if you don’t think your pet will ever meet another less healthy animal, it’s not worth the risk. Not only are these illnesses awful for your pet, but they could be incredibly expensive to treat. Some illnesses like Feline Aids will mean that your pet can never leave the house and you won’t be able to have a second cat.

There are obviously many preventable illnesses that your pet can be protected from with simple annual vaccinations from your vet. When you have a pet, the love you feel for him or her is as strong as you feel for any other member of your family. While you are likely to outlive your pet, losing him to an illness you could have avoided is very upsetting.

Protecting your pet from harm outside of your house is important too. There are common plants in your garden and beyond that can cause more than just an upset tummy. Be aware of what they are and try to avoid having them grow in your garden. If you worry about your cat wandering, why not restrict their play to the garden? You can build an enclosure or put anti-climb fencing or tops around your property perimeter.

You should also protect your pet from obesity. Like humans, overweight cats are more prone to serious illness if they’re carrying too much weight. Play with your pets to help them stay active. You can also alter their diet to better reflect their activity levels. Speak to your vet if you’re concerned. As pets age, they start to slow down and are less inclined to play. They might even have a touch of arthritis. Choose an age-appropriate food to help them get the right level of nutrition.

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