Tuesday 22 August 2017

The top 5 ways to make your home look more modern

Want to create a stylish, modern but warm interior to your home but a bit stuck as to how to get it on a budget? No worries as these five top insider tips will help you make the smallest changes that bring the maximum impact to a space.

1. Declutter & streamline
It is a task you have probably been avoiding but it has to happen! The first thing you need to do in your quest to give your home interior a modern and stylish look is to streamline.

Over the years we do gather and collect things. Unless you have somewhere to put all these things, it can be tough giving your home a fresh, modern appeal with so much ‘stuff’ cluttering the eyeline.

But here’s the thing: getting rid of things can be a tough call. Many people struggle within ditching things that they feel hold so many precious memories. But they still want a fresh look to a room.

It isn’t a case of being ruthless but understanding how these items can be used to add something to the room. What is the best way to display them?

* Once you reduced your items (if you can), consider the best way to make these items shine in a space and the best way of displaying them. For example, if you are an avid collector of books, can they be arranged in a way that clusters similar colours together or similar heights and sizes of books?

2. Change some items of furniture
Clearly, unless you have the budget for a complete re-vamp of a room, the likelihood is some or most of the furniture is staying. But if you can stretch to it, replacing some items with modern, stylish ones is a great way of adding a stylish hint to a space.

However, modern doesn’t have to mean quirky. It can mean a modern colour or fabric choice, as well as a play on an iconic design a bit like an angel chair. A Scandinavian design, it is a relaxed version of an armchair, always so straight and somehow constricting. But this more open and relaxed design that welcomes you into its folds.

* Choose the shape and design of an item so that it sits well with your current sofa and other items. If you want it to be completely different, make sure it is but if you want them to blend together, choose carefully so you get a cohesive look to your living space or interior design.

3. Out with the old…
However, if your budget is super-tight, ditching your furniture may not be an option but there is s solution: soft furnishings and artwork.
Sometimes, the pieces that add the most glamour and a modern feel to a space is the use of fabrics and materials, as well as art work for the walls. This doesn’t mean however, you need to turn the living room into the Tate Modern.

Art is in the eye of the beholder and there are some great examples of modern art work that you can buy to replace older, jaded pieces.

Like your overall interior design style, choose similar items and shapes so that there is a sense of cohesion between everything. For example, if you prefer curves over angles, opt for art work and sculptures that use curves, circles and roundness within them. Or why not opt for quirky, almost cartoonesque wall art of animals and nature, and link it all together with modern, fresh and appealing soft furnishings?

* Give old photos and artwork a new lease of life with a new frame. Arrange in a symmetrical pattern on the wall for maximum effect.

4. Colour!
If there is one thing that breathes fresh air into a space it is colour. As with most interior design trends, colours trends change from year to year and, in some cases, from season to season.

If you want a fresh modern appeal, why not see which colour scheme works with your current furniture/ take a look at colour trends for 2017 and beyond?

* Don’t be frightened to experiment with wall colour as it is one of the easiest and quickest things you can change about a room.

5. Be a (little) adventurous
Modern design suggests many ways in which you can increase the appeal of any room in your home. But the one design that people are really taking to is the increased use of patterned tiling.

If you want to inject an air of the modern in your bathroom or your kitchen, rather than sticking with a painted feature wall, opt for a tiled wall instead. Choose patterns in the same shade or colour and mix and match to your heart's content! The results are stunning!

Which of these ideas will you try?

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