Friday 27 October 2017

Boom! It’s Bingo time! - BoomTownBingo

My social life and weekend nightlife has changed over the past few years. Since becoming a parent my priorities have changed. Gone are the days of going out every weekend pubbin’ and clubbin’, living life for festivals and being a social butterfly.

Along with a desire to put my children first I no longer enjoy the ‘going out out’ nightlife like I once did. I am now settled with my family and as I no longer drink alcohol I don’t delight for that life anymore. Whilst there are odd nights out to restaurants, trips to the cinema and a festival or two, now I much prefer nights in at home.

Once the kids are in bed and the chores are done I love snuggling up to watch a film, read a good book, chat with friends on social media or have a little dabble on online gaming.

Thanks to a lack of babysitters it is very rare that I can get to a bingo hall so online gaming is a great way to have a keep my fun hobby of occasionally playing bingo alive all from the comfort of my own home. I love being able to play bingo sat at home in my PJ’s.

After a hectic and tiring day wrangling the kids and the household chores I find having a quick game or two of online bingo where I can have a chat with other players many of whom I am friends with whilst playing can be a fun way to wind down. Even though I always stick to pocket change and only play a few games the social aspect of it and the simple fun it provides

Over the past few years the popularity of bingo specifically playing online has skyrocketed. No longer is bingo associated with little old ladies, it is trendy and enjoyed by adults of all ages. With online bingo being popular with all generations and genders the online gaming industry is ever expanding.

As there is an abundance of online gaming sites it can be difficult to know which sites are best for you and where to get the best deals for your money. Thanks to BoomTownBingo who review bingo sites, casinos and slots making an informed decision about what online games to play and the best sites for you is now a whole lot easier. The site helps you find online gaming sites offering free spins, deposit bonuses and no deposit deals so you can get the most for your money which is great if like me you watch how much you spend.

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