Saturday 28 October 2017

My love of Orlando, Florida

There are many amazing places all across the globe. Places I’ve visited and loved, and places where I’ve never been to that are top of my travel bucket list and where I long to visit. Whilst naturally the places that I’ve yet to visit overtake the places I have been to as I want to see and experience new things and places, there is one location that I have been to that still takes top spot on my travel bucket list of where I want to visit in the future - Orlando, Florida.

My first visit to Orlando, Florida was 20 years ago when I was on the brink of entering the age of teenage. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. It was the spark that ignited my love of Orlando, Florida.

Here are just a handful of reasons why I love Orlando, Florida.

Family friendly
As Orlando is one of the World’s most child friendly cities it is a fantastic place to visit as a family. Orlando boasts so many amazing places to visit and experience that are fun and kid friendly. With attractions and theme parks galore scattered across this sunny city including the magical Walt Disney World Orlando offers so much for families to enjoy for a memorable holiday.

As mentioned above Orlando is the home to the magical Disney World as such a visit to Orlando, Florida can be a magical experience. Families can discover the magic of Disney and experience the wonder of meeting some of their favourite Disney characters. With rides and Disney experiences the fun never ends at Disney World.

Be a kid again
With so much magic in the air in Orlando, Florida it is one of the places in the World that invites grownups to embrace the fun and wonder and be a kid again. Not only can you see the magic through a child’s eye at Orlando but you can also be a kid again yourself. The fun attractions and experiences of the theme parks offer plenty of ways to let loose and enjoy.

Thrill seekers
Part of the attraction of Orlando is the thrill seeking theme parks. Fun for all ages, little kids and big kid grown ups embracing being a kid again the many theme parks that Orlando boasts is appealing for those who love the fun and thrill of theme parks. Top attractions we love include the 4 unique theme parks and 2 water parks of Disney World and Universal Studios.

Food and shopping
Orlando boasts dining experiences that offer a taste of delicacies from across the globe. Diners and restaurants are family friendly and with many places offering themed diners the fun doesn't stop even when it’s food time! Along with family friendly and affordable dining experiences Orlando also offers fabulous shopping experiences including many discount shopping outlets.

Whilst Orlando is memorable for its fun and attractions we love that it also offers natural beauty, wildlife galore and stunning scenery. Nature parks and reserves, beaches and wildlife can be experienced in Florida in and around Orlando. For families not wanting to travel too far afield the botanical gardens at Legoland Florida is an ideal place to visit. Gatorland and Discovery Cove are also top places to go for fun and a nature.

As I love Orlando, Florida so much and have wonderful memories from my holidays there along with having family who live there my dream family holiday to take my kids on is a holiday to Orlando, Florida. I want them to experience the magic that it offers as well as have a chance to be a kid again and embrace the beauty, magic and wonder that Orlando, Florida boasts.

Hopefully one day soon I will be booking our first family holiday to Orlando, Florida thanks to

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