Thursday 23 November 2017

Home interior design styles

When Lee and I moved in with each other after a long distance relationship it soon became apparent that whilst we shared many interests and a love for each other, our home styles and decor tastes differed greatly.

Over the years it has been a struggle to combine our differing styles and often there has been a lot of compromise when decorating our home and making home improvements.

With differing home interior styles fighting against each other along with the chaos, clutter, and masses of toys that family life brings into a 2 bedroom house, our home is a mix of styles and lacks that showroom, perfect style feel.

Lee loves modern and minimalist styles and would love a home to be clutter free and spacious with plenty of his beloved technology.

Unfortunately he lives with me and I am the complete of opposite of minimalist and clutter free. I am chaotic and a borderline hoarder. Plus with the kids’ toys overrunning the house his home style is a little hard to achieve at times.

As a compromise the living room is Lee’s style and a clutter free space. The rest of the house is more my style.

It is eclectic, shabby chic, a hint of nautical (what can I say I love rocks from the beach and driftwood art that we create) and a touch of rustic all mixed into one chaotic, unique style.

Often I wish I could pick one style and stick to it. That I have a balanced and cohesive house with complementary styles that look lovely and flow beautifully throughout the whole house.

Picking that special style to suit us all and that would work well for our family home can be difficult. Thankfully this useful and informative interior design style guide by Rattan Direct has been very helpful in helping us look at the differing styles and how to achieve them.

What interior design style do you love?

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