Sunday 12 November 2017

Logo design made easy with LogoJoy

When I first started blogging my blog was called Bumps 2 Babies. After choosing the name the next step was to create a logo and design my blog space. As my blog grew I decided my blog name was not one that would grow with me over time or represent me and my family. A blog overhaul was in need.

After a lot of thinking and a little help from my other half I decided on my blog name - Where Roots And Wings Entwine.

Whilst the name may be a little too long it encapsulates my family and parenting philosophy of giving children a happy, strong foundation - roots and a family who are always there for them - whilst also supporting and encouraging them to fly - wings so they aim for their dreams. Roots and Wings. Our loving home Where Roots And Wings Entwine.

A new blog name inevitably meant a new logo. I mocked up a quick logo using photoshop using the theme of flowers for roots and butterflies for wings. Whilst it has done the job I’ve always planned on updating and improving my logo. But I never have. Lack of time, energy and a billion other things to do meant creating a new logo has been neglected for many years.

Thanks to LogoJoy creating a new logo is a quick, easy and stress-free process.

The process of creating a logo with LogoJoy was simple and speedy. The only thing that slowed now the process was my indecisiveness!

The beauty of LogoJoy is that it uses artificial intelligence to help you create your logo rather than offering a handful of uninspiring or original templates.

Thanks to artificial intelligent technology LogoJoy uses your answers from simple, easy to understand steps on key things such as colour preference and what logos you like to generate countless logos for you to choose from or edit further.

To begin creating your logo masterpiece using the logo generator you have to select up to 5 logos from a selection of logos of varying style and design that you are drawn to. With a good variety of logos to choose from there is something for everyone.

The second step is optional. If you want to you can choose from a selection of colours. If you chose your favourite colours those selected will be used to help craft your logo. The colours are grouped together in colour families - shades of green together, shades of yellow etc. When hovering over the different squares of colour families you get an informative description of words commonly associated with those colours, for example the blues are linked to royalty, power and luxury. This lovely little touch is useful in helping you decide what colours would be best suited for your logo and prefer for the style and ethos of your blog or company.

The next step is quick and easy. Simply fill in your company name and slogan if you have one. As my blog name is lengthy I did get warned that logos look better with shorter names and a slogan might be good to shorten it however as mentioned above whilst I agree the name is too long and a short and snappy name would be better my blog name has meaning behind it which I want to keep so the long name stays.

The next step is again optional. You can chose up to five symbols. Simply type a keyword and the generator offers a wide range of symbols to choose from. Following my current logo I started off by playing with the idea of a tree to symbolise roots and butterflies for the wings which also symbolises our love of nature.

Using the clever artificial intelligence technology to collate the information from your answers and create a logo based on your likes and preferences, LogoJoy then generates an extensive (seemingly never ending) range of logo options for you to choose from.

Whilst you can select to buy your favourite design from the lovely array on offer as it is, you also have the option of editing it further so that all details are just right for you. Tweaking your selected logo design is effortless as the tools to edit are easy and straightforward to use. At the click of a button you can change fonts, colours, layouts and symbols. When editing you can select different categories of writing style and like the colour options before, when hovering over the options you get a brief description of what the writing style symbolises. As you edit your design you can see the changes as you make them.

After playing around with design options and browsing the symbols further I decided against the above symbol options and found a cute little house symbol with heart cut out. 

I loved the symbol and felt it fitting to represent our loving home where roots and wings entwine to give our children a loving, strong home and support to fly and achieve their dreams. The gold foil made me love it even more!

An useful feature is the option to duplicate a design. This handy feature means you can tweak a design you like but keep the original safe. By duplicating logos as you edit you can then easily compare the changes in the My Favourites.

To help you visualize your logo as a finished product you can preview the logo in various settings - on business cards, advertising board and merchandise.

The amazing thing about LogoJoy is that there is no cost to use the Logo Generator and play around with editing logos. You only pay when you want to buy a logo that you are happy with.

There are a few packages to choose from -
* Basic package for $20 which offers one low resolution logo
* Premium package for $65 which provides high-resolution files, full copyright ownership of logo and the option to make future changes to the logo
* Enterprise package for $165 which provides the same benefits of the premium package plus social media kit and 1 hour design time with a professional designer

LogoJoy also send useful emails with links to handy information about logos as well as motivational emails reminding you that you can create the logo of your dreams.

I would highly recommend LogoJoy. It took the stress out of making a logo and unlike creating one on an editing programme myself from scratch without any real ideas the artificial intelligence technology used my likes and preferences to generate logos that inspired me and helped me choose what type of logo I wanted. Having logo suggestions that I could dismiss or choose to edit further helped me work out the logo for me.

The site if slick and professional. I love how easy it is to use for people of different computer skill levels and the editing options worked well for me. The artificial intelligence technology is clever and amazing at creating beautifully unique logos that are a world away from generic off the shelf logos. The site support and customer service is also superb.

You can try Logojoy out for free and if you find the perfect logo for you at the moment you can take $20 off your purchase of a premium package.

* I was gifted a Premium package to create my logo with LogoJoy *

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