Friday 26 January 2018

Countries To Go Camping In

When it comes to camping holidays, a lot of people like to keep it local. Sleeping in a tent already has a bit of an unsafe feeling about it, but when you’re doing it in your own wilderness you feel a lot safer. Taking it somewhere else on the other hand can involve a lot of jeopardous factors, and that’s no fun for anyone. Yet, there’s always new and fun experiences to be had outside of your own local area or even country, and it’s still perfectly safe to pitch up a tent. So if you’re thinking of taking a trip to another country for any reason, why not turn it into a camping and introduce your family to nature in the proper way? Here’s some of the safest places for you to go camping and have the experience of a lifetime.

Pitch Up in Denmark
The whole point of camping is to get reacquainted with nature by staying in it and thriving off of it whilst travelling, thus places like Denmark, who are trying to get closer to nature with energy efficient solutions all over their cities, are perfect for hiking through and camping in the wilderness needs.

Countries in the North have some of the most picturesque views to wake up to and relatively unthreatening wildlife; forests that are perfect to play around in and lakes good for taking a boat across, there’s something for everyone here.

Try Out Scotland
Just off the end of England, Scotland is a great place to experience the myth and magic camping always promises but rarely delivers on. There are a lot of places in Scotland in which you can just pitch up on without threats from government or angry farmers, so choose wherever you want to go and enjoy a bit of wild camping. It’s a lot more creative than that of staying in a designated field!

You really go it alone when you’re living off of the fat of the land, using dry shampoo on the kids’ hair each morning and hiking around the mountains of this kind of landscape. Perfect for any lovers of nature, and big beetle hunts the likes of which schools have never seen!

Head to France
Everyone’s wanted to go to Paris! Yet, camping in France is a lovely sight to behold, and whilst wild camping isn’t entirely allowed yet not really frowned upon, there’s plenty of places for you to set up your little camp. You can easily gain permission from a lot of landowners to use their fields and hills, but be sure to leave in the morning and don’t make too much of a mess. There are also countless camping sites you can pay to stay at. It’s a great start for people unused to camping who want to warm to the entire experience!

The world is full of good camping sites so be sure to try out as many as you can in you’re travelling time. Kids will always love it and you can create magical memories. 

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