Tuesday 23 January 2018

What Swimwear Style Suits You?

Winter is slowly saying goodbye and soon we will be in the race to get out bodies ready for bikini season once again. Now that many of our favourite online shops are stocking swimwear once again, it might be tempting to stock up on swimwear before the summer kicks in.

However, how do we know which type of swimwear is the best for our body shape and style? There are so many different types of swimwear out there: bikinis, tankinis, swimsuits, monokinis, cut outs and more… the choices are endless and this can make things pretty difficult for us when it comes to choosing. Luckily we have some suggestions on what you might want to look for in a swimsuit this year...

Being curvy means that you have a full bust, large hips, thighs and a great butt. You will join the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Chastain and Kim Kardashian in your body shape.

When you have a curvy frame you will want to look for swimwear which is going to accentuate your figure as well as provide ample support for your body. However if you don’t want to draw the eye to the fact you're curvy, you will want to stay away from monokinis and stay away from bikinis which have thick straps.

Ideally for this body type, asymmetrical suits such as those which are one shouldered or cut at a diagonal can draw the eye up towards the neckline and make you look incredibly beautiful. Halter necks are your best friend when it comes to shaping your breasts and providing support, and high waisted bikinis can help to highlight your figure.

Concealing your stomach
If you are an apple shape or are simply a little self conscious when it comes to your stomach, it might be a little harder to find the type of suit which is best for your body. The idea with this is to find a swimsuit which will make your middle seem narrower than it is and instead draw the attention to your assets: ie your chest and your hips. There are one piece swimsuits with colour blocks and ties around the waist which can hide your stomach, and items which have a lot of running can work miracles on concealing your stomach area. Wrap silhouette styles are the perfect way to make the most out of your figure and will draw the attention to everywhere but your belly.

If you have a fairly straight figure, you might be in the same boat as people such as Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston. You might not have many curves, but there are ways to accentuate what you do have and make it seem as if you have more curves than you really do. By wearing less coverage you will create the illusion of more curves.

By choosing tops with bold prints and lacy patterns, you will draw attention to the chest and make it look larger, and adding a bottom with extra straps can make the hips seem wider. Monokinis are a great choice here and any one piece suits with cutouts can create that feeling of curves.

Small bust
If you have a small chest or not much of a chest at all, you will want to look at ways which you can make the most out of this asset. When you don’t have a large bust, you do not require as much support in the chest area and this can be amazing in the fact that you can wear any style. You could look for lacy tops, embellished tops, halter necks, strapless and loads more without an issue. Make the most of not having the think about your chest. Have some fun with the styles and go for bold colours and patterns.

If you want to create the illusion of a larger chest you can wear triangle tops which will make the breast area stand out as well as wearing push up bras which will again make the breast area feel bigger.

Large bust
On the other end of the scale, you might be small framed but with a larger bust from a size C onwards. If you are small with a large chest it can be difficult to find the right pieces for you which offers the support but isn’t too big. The trick to this is finding brands which offer underwired swimsuits and bikini tops which will essentially act as a waterproof bra.

By having a top with adjustable straps you will be able to stay supported as well as wear a sexy style which suits your body. You will likely need to buy the top and bottoms separately to accommodate for your size. Sites like Cupshe offer you the chance to wear styles in your regular bra sizes, making it much easier to find the right style for you.

Finding the right swimsuit for your body shape can help you feel confident and happy.

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