Thursday 18 January 2018

Discover your future with PalmistryHD

Spirituality and technology merge with a new app called PalmistryHD.
I’ve always been open to spiritual things such as crystals, psychic readings, astrology, tarot and palmistry. I find it interesting to consider what the future holds and whether our lives are destined to follow a particular path. Spiritual practices intrigue me.

I’ve experienced psychic and tarot readings but have never had a palm reading. It has always interested me though. Do the lines on our palms really hold insight into our life?

Thanks to PalmistryHD I can find out in the comfort of my own home.

The app is quick and easy to download (once I made sure I had enough ‘free storage space’ on my smartphone that is - hurry up upgrade date) and is available to download on the Google Play store if you have an android device like I do.

To set the app up to read your palm you first have to input your name and date of birth. To discover your fate you then take a photograph of your palm.

Capturing a photo of your palm so that it is in the correct position for the app to provide a detailed, personal reading of your palm is easy to do. Thanks to the guidance of where to place your hand - your palm has to fit inside the circle on a pre-set image of a hand, you need to spread your fingers a little and need to place your hand on either a white or dark background - I managed to successfully photography my palm to get a reading on my first attempt. Whilst this may seem a trivial point to highlight, having experienced many apps that suffer from glitches or are particularly sensitive being able to access a palm reading with such ease and no error messages is a bonus for me.

As the app analysed my palm to provide a reading that reflects on key areas such as fitness and health, career and money, success and love I pondered what you the results show, what can my palm tell me about my life and future? Hopefully a reading that will inspire reflection of myself and my life along with a little bit of fun.

Within less than a minute my palm reading was available to me. I was surprised at how insightful the reading was and that it had correctly identified key characteristics about me such as my born survivor trait and my questioning of whether I have made the right choices in life.

It also highlighted that when it comes to health and fitness my good intentions don’t always match up to reality and that I need to consider lifestyle changes and go that extra mile for myself which is very apt to my current health situation at the moment.

The love and relationships section along with the money and careers could be perceived as being relevant to me as the path of true love with my other half has not always run smooth and life a lot of people I have known financial strain, however both of the free reading parts of these areas of insight were a little general and generic.

If you want to find out more about your palm reading and have a more detailed, comprehensive reading you can upgrade to the full £11.99 option.

The app also features daily horoscopes. Not only can you see what holds for your horoscope on that day’s date but you can also view yesterday’s horoscope along with what tomorrow holds for your star sign.

On the whole the palm reading app was fun and it inspired me to reflect on my life, current situation and what the future holds. It prompted me to think about what I need to change to improve my life and to be thankful for what I do have in my life.

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