Tuesday 6 February 2018

Why You Should Choose Telstra NBN Internet Bundle Plan

Known as Australia’s leading media and telecommunication brand, Telstra Corporation Ltd. has been active since 1975. Back in the day, Telstra used to be a government service. However, it’s now fully privatised. The telecom brand focuses on broadband internet, mobile networks, entertainment programs and mobile devices.

Why You Should Get NBN Network?
NBN is the national data network of Australia that is based on latest technology. It allows users to enjoy a reliable internet connection at fast speed. The internet service is operated by NBN Co Ltd. and independent service providers, such as Telstra, partner with them to provide internet service to users. You can now stay connected to digital world with fast Telstra internet connection.

Telstra offers quality internet service and is therefore, the most expensive internet provider. It provides a variety of internet packages and you can choose one that suits your needs. Choosing the right broadband package is quite a task. Let’s take a look at Telstra NBN bundle plans and why you should give them a try:

With Connect bundle, you can download up to 100 GB data per month. The service is available for $70 a month. However, you can get discounts if you decide to pay for two years of service. The internet service comes with Telstra Gateway Modem which provides excellent coverage over a wide space.

Another major reason why many internet users prefer Telstra Connect is its fast speed. You can surf internet at around 20Mbps, which is much faster than other wireless NBN networks. However, this internet speed is available only from 7PM to 11PM and it can reduce during the other times of the day.

Connect Plus
Connect Plus is another useful package offered by Telstra Ltd. It provides you with 1000 GB data at $80 AUD a month. Just like other internet bundles, you can also avail discount offer if you choose to pay a lump sum for 2 years of internet service. The typical minimum speed of this broadband bundle is 40 Mbps.

Telstra offers a reliable and fast internet connection with Telstra Gateway Frontier. You can enjoy unlimited data, Telstra TV and Foxtel Now for $99 a month or $2,475 for two years. Telstra TV gives you access to live and on-demand sports and movies. Furthermore, you can make national and international calls at discounted rates.

* Entertainment Plus
You should go for Telstra Entertainment Plus bundle if you want to enjoy non-stop entertainment. Watch unlimited Telstra TV and Foxtel Now for just $130 per month. Watch movies, TV shows, sports programs, news channels and on-demand TV without interruption. You can browse channels on Live TV or apps including Netflix, BigPond Movies and Stan. Aside from entertainment, you can also make unlimited calls to national fixed lines, local telephone services and Australian mobile numbers.

All in all, Telstra NBN bundles are more expensive than many other internet service providers, but they add value to user’s experience with fast and reliable internet connection. It’s all up to you to decide the package that suits you.

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