Monday 5 March 2018

5 Mistakes to avoid at Schoolies

After completing their high-school and before leaping into the jumble of adulting, Schoolies week is that time in any youngster’s life where he or she can live it to the fullest. For Aussie graduates, this week is deemed as the best time of their lives where they are able to let themselves loose to make the most of their time with friends.

To make it certain that you are going to have the time of your life at the Schoolies week, avoid these mistakes when planning for the trip.

1. Late Bookings
Many young graduates commit this mistake where they don’t pay any heed to get advance bookings and end up messing their entire trip. These are the some of the implications you might have to face with late bookings.

* You may only find accommodation that is far from where all the action is taking place.
* There are strong chances that you won’t be able to get the same accommodation as your group of friends. What’s the point of spending that precious time around people you don’t want to hang around with?
* Late bookings mean overpriced rates and unsatisfactory accommodation conditions. Both of these factors can turn your schoolies week into a bad trip.

For all the reasons mentioned here, you must get on with early bookings to acquire the best places to stay over. can help you in sorting your accommodation challenges.

2. Picking the Wrong Roommate
A week is a long time, particularly if you are going to spend all of it with a bunch of same people. Getting yourself the right roommate is very important to enhance your Schoolies experience. Keep these vital points in mind when picking your roommate.

Choose a person with whom you get along really well. Your preferences regarding Schoolies plans should be converged. Partying at the club or getting soaked in golden sunshine, you and your roommate must be on the same page.
* Troublemakers are fun, but not when you have to literally spend 24/7 with them. Therefore, make sure that your roommate is not over-adventurous because you certainly don’t want your Schoolies week to be ruined by someone else’s misadventures.

3. Picking the Wrong Destination
Picking the wrong Schoolies destination will be a double whammy i.e. paying money for an experience you don’t take pleasure in. For instance, with coastal or tropical predilections in mind, going for Coachella might not be a good idea.

4. No Prior Homework
If its entertainment then it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do some homework for it. Doing a quick research on all the activities offered in the vicinity of your destination will save you valuable time on the trip.

5. Doing all of it on your Own
It’s time for you to enjoy and not exhaust yourself by managing everything alone. For that reason, it’s better to get the services of a good travel agency that also deals with schoolies-specific travel plans.

By taking care of these things, you are all set to go on the pilgrimage of fun, adventure and whatnot.

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