Friday 9 March 2018

How to avoid Domestic accidents

Accidents can befall us at any place or time. We cannot foresee unexpected events that happen due to chance. We are prone to misfortunes like sustaining cuts on our fingers while we chop fruits or tumbling on a wet floor. Quite often, such mishaps can lead to serious injuries. However, you can exercise caution and dodge a number of such calamities.

These are most likely to happen in the bathroom or toilet where there is a high chance of water spilling on to the floor. However, you are equally likely to stumble in any other part of the house. If you’re not careful while filling your bathtub for instance, it may result in an overflow quickly. If you are unaware and rush into the bathroom to stop further wastage, you may slip and endure an injury.

According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, accidental falls caused the highest number of deaths in household. The number exceeded other categories like vehicle collisions and assault. Of course, people must be careful when they see spilled liquids, whether it is water in the bathroom or a drink on the kitchen floor. This is important because such injuries typically affect those who are either too young or too old.

In both cases, residents are urged to exercise due caution. They should be cautious in shower stalls and stair cases in particular. They can also use TripSafe, a sensible means to make their environment secure.

Another common setback that inhabitants face is lacerations and wounds. The main issue is that these disasters happen in our everyday lives during mundane activities. You might be in the kitchen piercing through several vegetables in quick succession. If you are using a sharp knife and are not careful, you might suffer from a gash on your skin while slicing food.

There is likely to be blood, which is never welcome. If you’re injured, you may need to apply pressure to the cut to stem the bleeding. An antiseptic must be applied while stitches may be needed as well.

Bruising is a by-product of potential injuries suffered within your home. An ice pack must be pressed gently against the affected area to alleviate the pain. If the pain persists and there are no signs of healing, then a doctor must be consulted.

Where there is fire, there is a possibility of burns. Dropping a hot beverage or being exposed to the fire on the cooking hob can genuinely harm anyone at the receiving end. When using items like the stove, iron and hair straightener, people should be very careful. You may touch the frying pan accidentally drop heated water on yourself by mistake.

Also, they must monitor their children at all times around these items. If anyone endures such an injury, they are advised to hold the burn in cold water constantly for ten minutes and then assess whether a doctor is required.

In more severe cases, fires may also happen in the house. These would cause smoke inhalation at the very least and death in the worst case scenario. This can be averted by not leaving your stove unattended or leaves wires and electrical panels exposed.

All in all, it is apparent that places like the bathroom and kitchen can claim lives if we are not careful. There is definite scope for danger in these areas which is why residents must be attentive at all times.

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