Sunday 25 March 2018

Favourite holiday moments with Holiday Gems

As the weather here in the UK fluctuates between harsh cold, snowy Beast from the East weather to torrential rain showers to glorious spring sunshine I have been reflecting on holidays past and wishing for future holidays with beautiful weather.

So when Holiday Gems - who specialise in short-haul travel destinations - reached out to hear about my favourite holiday moments, thinking about memorable holidays I have enjoyed was a breeze. The only difficult thing was to pick a couple of holidays from all the wonderful ones I have enjoyed over the years.

Thinking about the holidays I have experienced so far in my life there are two holidays in particular that were remarkable for different reasons.

My holiday to Tenerife back in 1996 was a holiday I will remember forever as it was my first ever holiday abroad.

During the summer of 96 when I was 12 years old my mum, then stepdad, sister and I went on a wonderful holiday abroad to Tenerife with another family who we were very close to. We rented a villa in the south of Tenerife for a week and then travelled to a villa to the north.

On that holiday I enjoyed many wonderful and truly memorable experiences. Swimming in the warm atlantic ocean. Seeing dolphins jumping out of the azure waters. Seeing the majestic Mount Teide and the breathtaking views from the volcano. Hiking the Masca walk trail. Strolling along the open air markets and seeing the local handicrafts. Meeting the locals and experiencing a hint of their culture.

Not only was the holiday my first taste of a holiday abroad and one filled with amazing experiences but it was also the holiday that sparked a love of travel and desire to experience as many cultures and countries across the globe.

When I was 18 I went on a holiday to Corfu.

This holiday stands out for me because it was my first holiday abroad without my family. I went there with my then boyfriend and even though I had a touch of homesickness it filled me with a sense of independence and adventure. It was also a holiday to celebrate the end of my A levels. 

A holiday of fun, celebration, young love and pure enjoyment.

We immersed ourselves in the local culture. Enjoyed delicious fresh food. Explored ancient fortresses, museums and churches. Visited the Theotókou monastery in Paleokastrítsa. Scuba dived and experienced stunning dive sites. And spend wonderous days on breathtaking beaches and splashing in the sea.

Thinking of two holidays in particular evoke a strong desire for more travel, adventure and experiences. With a yearning desire for a holiday abroad I am off to browse travel destinations.

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