Tuesday 24 April 2018

Hotly Tipped Conservatory Designs for 2018

Just like the rest of your home, your conservatory is ready and waiting for you to add a dash of colour and style. And in doing so, you can create a dream space. But what design and trends are tipped for the hothouse this year? Here we look at all things conservatory from interiors to roof conversion and conservatory designs.

#1 Calm & Collected
In a busy home, the d├ęcor and style often reflect this – and no wonder! But you can afford to take a side step with the interior of your conservatory. By opting for the ‘calm & collected’ look in your sunroom, you create a space perfect for sitting back and relaxing.

The good news is, this look works no matter how you use the space. From dining room to living room, to an extra room for reading, listening to music or just unwinding after a busy day, this style and finish works.

What it means – keep everything connected and cohesive with colour and style. If you opt for the modern look, keep everything in the space modern, with light colours and clear connections between one item of conservatory furniture and the next.

Accent colour and pattern – mauve-based grey with pretty floral patterns. Use one with pink to pick out the grey.

#2 Rattan is back
Some would say that as a conservatory furniture, it never went away but perhaps we got tired of the same old style coming to the market year after year. You don’t have to use rattan conservatory but when you do, it should be streamlined, modern and functional.

Stick with natural tones, or opt for the modern grey or black conservatory furniture.

What it means – choose conservatory furniture that is modern and stylish, sticking with natural materials, like rattan, wherever possible. Hardwearing and light, it is the ideal choice if you like to move furniture around.

Accent colour and pattern – choose neutral colours, cream or grey. If you want to add zine, opt for stripes., using sparingly on throws and contrasting colours.

In Brief
For the conservatory in winter, we are seeing more texture and sumptuous added with an almost over-the-top collection of throws and cushions. Keep the majority the same – the repeat of pattern, colour and texture bring a cosy feel – adding a few throws and cushions in a contrasting colour.

We are also seeing more light being added to the conservatory in the form of feature lighting. From fantastic hanging pendant lights to clustering table lamps, it certainly adds detail without cluttering the space.

#3 Box it
Building your conservatory? Or perhaps you are replacing it or looking at a roof conversion? You are doing so at an exciting time in conservatory design and installation.

There are two major coming back, once being the box conservatory. Many homeowners and architects are using it to connect parts of the home with the other but there are also some extraordinary designs when the vast expanse of glass add such an amazing space it is amazing we ever fell out of love the box-shaped conservatory.

What it means – minimal framing, a large expanse of glass on walls and ceiling, a feeling of delicious exposure, offset with minimal fuss, detailing and accessories.

#4 Lean-to
It still has an unfortunate reputation, but the lean-to is perhaps one of the original conservatory designs. What it lacked in its early days was not only finesse but energy efficiency. A mixture of glass and plastic, the lean-to was the space on the back of the home that was a plastic tunnel, where the chest freezer and dryer lived – and nothing more.

But the lean-to conservatory is making a comeback and with architects and their clients enjoying its simple but modern appeal, we expect to see more in the coming year.

What it means – a versatile conservatory design, it can be a large expanse on the rear or side of a property or, as we have seen in recent months, it is the style and shape of choice when it comes to smaller homes and conservatories too.

In Brief
It seems that the must-have design is ‘the less frame, the better’ approach to conservatory design this year – and it is expected to carry on beyond 2018. Getting clever with all aspects of its construction, there are also moved to flat, minimal frames for the roofing area too.

2018 will see the conservatory still being the structure of choice when it comes to expanding the home in terms of larger kitchen/diner.
There are some amazing ideas coming our way for the coming year. Is it time you looked at some fresh decorating ideas for the conservatory?

Rattan Direct has the perfect style of conservatory furniture that will suit any style or trend in the conservatory this year – and beyond!

* Written in association with Rattan Direct *

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