Wednesday 29 August 2018

Pursuing a career as a professional photographer

I’ve always been a creative individual and enjoyed expressing my creativity in various ways. Putting pen to paper and writing poetry, drawing and painting trying new techniques and styles, sculpting and photography.

During my art GCSE and A-Level I developed my photography skills. I found photography a very enjoyable way to express my creativity. I loved trying different cameras, modes, experimenting with lighting, using varied subject matters and looking at different setups for scenes. I thoroughly enjoyed black and white photography and found developing my own photographs in the school’s dark room an exciting and memorable experience.

Whilst I did not pursue a career in photography my love of it has remained. Now that I am a parent I find myself expressing my love of photography everyday as I take a billion photographs of my child and our adventures. In my opinion the beauty of photography is capturing that moment in time to cherish forever. Thanks to photography I can freeze that moment with my children in a beautiful photograph that I can hold dear for years to come, to see that adventure, smile or first moment when they were little again and again over the years even when they have grown old.

Recently I bought a new bridge camera to go with my compact digital camera and smartphone camera (which is welcomed by me as I always have a camera at hand to capture spontaneous moments). Having a new camera to play with has reignited my love of photography and enabled me to polish my skills and showcase my good eye for taking photographs. With a new found passion for photography and a desire to find a career I can enjoy I have been considering pursuing a career in professional photography.

Thanks to NCC Home Learning who are experienced in the field of distance learning and  offer a wide range of courses including photography, I have been able to gain insight into world of a professional photographer. In their detailed and informative guide How To Become A Professional Photographer they highlight what a professional photographer is and does, the different types of photography and what qualifications you need to become a professional photographer.

Of the popular types of photography out in the vast and constantly developing world of photography I have an affinity for candid, landscape and wildlife photography. I especially love it when I can combine the styles such as a candid shot in nature of that showcases the love, fun and adventures my children are having in the the great outdoors.

The guide has had me pondering the idea of pursuing a career in photography. It is a fascinating and exciting career that I think I would find challenging yet rewarding that would satisfy my creativity. As I enjoyed photography when I did art qualifications at school even if I do not pursue a career in photography I am considering a photography course as I think I would thoroughly enjoy it and it would be a fantastic way to develop and learn new skills and help me hone my personal photography style.

Have you considered a career in photography?

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