Tuesday, 28 August 2018

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

This summer has been filled with memories from my childhood. I have found myself reminiscing about days gone by whilst recreating adventures from my childhood with my own children.

I've loved this summer. It has echoed the summer days of my childhood as we've raced around on go-carts, gone to pick-your-own fruit farms to fill baskets overflowing with strawberries, swam in the sea, built dens in the woods, played cricket and got purple stained fingers from picking wild blackberries in the field hedgerows.

My kids have loved our adventures and have listened intently to tales from my childhood. It has brought back fond memories from my childhood and filled me with joy doing the things I loved as a child again with my own family.

I've especially loved playing cricket with them. Not only has it sparked so much fun for our family but it has also had me reminiscing about playing cricket with my late Mamgu (grandmother). I remember as if it was yesterday her cheering me on as I completed runs. I see her standing there in the sun cricket bat in hand and floppy hat on. I hold dear the memory of her being a skilled bowler. As she sadly passed away many years before I had my children it has been a way to share tales of her with them.

I've also loved how both of the kids have embraced cricket. As well as having lots of fun playing cricket which has been a fabulous way to burn off their excess energy this summer and keep them active but they've also enjoyed watching a game or two too. It has also been a fabulous sport for quality time with friends and family.

As cricket is a great family sport that my kids love and they enjoy a fun family day out I hope to take them to watch a match during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 next year.

Host nation England will open the tournament at The Oval on 30 May 2019 when they take on South Africa, while reigning champions Australia start their title defence on 1 June against Afghanistan in a day/night match in Bristol. The ICC Cricket World Cup will concluded on Sunday 14 July at Lord’s. The cricket matches are ideal for fantastic family day out and perfect for cricket fans young and old.

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Public Ballot which gives millions of fans the chance to apply for tickets to next year’s flagship tournament is open now until tomorrow the 29 August. For fans hoping to get tickets to a game/s they are able apply for each of the 48 fixtures, with tickets in each price band at every game available.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Managing Director Steve Elworthy commented -
Being the third most-watched global sporting event, we know there will be huge interest in next year’s World Cup. This a great chance for anybody who wants to attend the ICC Cricket World Cup and watch the most exciting and competitive cricket available, as the best teams in the world go head to head.”

To register your interest in getting tickets for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 take a look here.

Are you a cricket fan? Are you hoping to get ticket to a ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 match?

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