Monday 10 September 2018

Dr Anders Foot Care range review

When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the beginning of the year I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster. Angry at myself for not making changes to my health and lifestyle before especially knowing that I was at risk thanks to PCOS, high BMI and gestational diabetes in one pregnancy. Upset and tearful about living with type 2 diabetes. Worried about how this chronic illness would affect my health.

One of the health implications of diabetes that I was very worried about was its impact on my feet. From the basic knowledge I had of diabetes was that if not controlled, proper foot care not followed and medical treatment not accessed for foot problems that some diabetics end up having to have their feet or legs amputated. Fear of loosing my feet or legs overwhelmed me.

Shockingly state that there are more than 20 leg, foot or toe amputations each day due to diabetes, with four out of five of these amputations being preventable.

At my first annual foot check fortunately all was well and I was given lots of advice on how to care for my feet especially on improving the dry skin I have on the heels of my feet.

Compared to life prediabetes diagnosis when foot care was not very important to me; simply washing them,cutting toenails and painting my nails, looking after my feet is now vital. I must admit I have a slight dislike to feet and really struggle to give them much attention. But I have to change that attitude and embrace caring for my feet.

Having healthy feet and giving them TLC on a daily basis is as important to me as taking my diabetic medication regularly as prescribed, watching what I eat, trying to lose weight and exercising more.

Getting my blood sugars under control, eating a healthy diet and being more active are positive steps I have been able to adopt which will hopefully prevent foot problems. Checking my feet daily, being careful when cutting my nails, ensuring my footwear fits correctly and knowing the importance of seeking medical advice for foot problems have seen me take positive steps in looking after my feet.

The only thing I have found difficult is that knowing which foot creams to use. It is a minefield knowing which foot care products are good for diabetic feet, effective yet gentle on ensuring feet are free from dry, hard skin as well as help keep feet healthy.

Thankfully Dr Anders and her luxury professional foot care products are here to help keep my feet happy and healthy.

Dr Anders
Dr Judith Anders is a renowned podiatrist with over 20 years experience in the field of podiatry with vast experience dealing with diabetic foot health as a specialist diabetes podiatrist. Even after 20 years working as a podiatrist she says she continues “to be inspired by how incredible our feet are”. Fascinated by how they function she is also aware and humbled by the impact foot problems can have on people’s lives.

During her career in the NHS she developed a keen interest in treating people with diabetes and worked as a team treating people with serious foot problems. Passionate about promoting change and a greater understanding of the challenges people with diabetes face her PhD was entitled “Understanding Perceptions of Foot Health in Diabetes”. Aware of diabetes related foot problems such as nerve damage caused by unstable blood sugars and reduced response to infections, she is on a mission to educate people on the importance of foot health for diabetics.

She highlights the fact that many of us don’t take foot health as serious as we should especially as our feet work hard for us every day and foot problems are common. In her belief if we looked after our feet a little better many foot problems could be prevented.

My mission is to help you understand how foot problems occur and enable you to take better care of your feet. If you feel them, check them, connect with them you may start to nurture them a little more, surely they deserve that!” - Dr Judith Anders

Simply put if you feel your feet you will get to know them well and notice any problems including diabetes-related issues earlier which will help the chances of getting medical treatment sooner and prevent serious complications.

Feel Your Feet
In her desire to help educate people about the importance of foot care and provide people a portal to share their foot related stories Dr Anders created the Feel Your Feet online foot health community. Dedicated to driving awareness of preventable foot problems the innovative Feel Your Feet website is also a supportive community where people can discuss concerns they have and share how foot problems have impacted on their life. Hopefully the groundbreaking Feel Your Feet community will break down stigmas surrounding foot problems so that people can feel confident about looking after their feet and no embarrassment about seeking help and medical treatment for foot problems before dire complications arise.

Dr Anders Podiatrist Professional range of foot care products
As Dr Anders believes that foot care should be a pleasure not a chore she spent years developing her Dr Anders range of clinically effective, unisex, indulgent and luxury foot care products.

Using her scientific knowledge and podiatry experience she selected the purest naturally derived ingredients for her products to ensure that they were safe, gentle, non-irritant, free from harmful toxic chemicals and suitable for all skin types. Made in the UK her products are also cruelty free as they are not tested on animals. The ingredients used to create her 3 ethical foot care products offer exceptional benefits to feet by replenishing, soothing, moisturising and softening in a gentle way whilst also leaving your feet feel and smell fabulous.

Conditioning nail treatment
The Dr Anders Conditioning Nail Treatment is designed to strengthen the nails, condition and improve brittleness. It contains sodium thiosulphate to help combat hardness, antimicrobial Dermosoft® (a natural antimicrobial ingredient which improves the appearance of the nails) and a blend of castor, grapeseed and sunflower oil to condition and improve brittleness. Regular use of the nail treatment is improves the appearance of the nails, reduces the thickness and makes them softer and easier to manage and cut which in turns helps prevent ingrown toenails.

As I can attest to the fact that my toenails especially my big toe nails are so tough and difficult to cut which has caused me worry now that I am diabetic and have to be careful when cutting toenails I was keen to see if this conditioning nail treatment would really make them softer and easier to manage.

Using the handy brush the conditioning nail treatment is very easy to apply, a little goes a long way and the creamy product is quickly absorbed. I have used the nail treatment for a few weeks and I am delighted with the results. The nails are softer to cut yet feel and healthier and stronger. My nails look better than they have in many, many years. Being a diabetic and worrying about cutting my nails I will most definitely continue to use the Dr Anders Conditioning Nail Treatment to make cutting nails easier and help improve the overall health of my toenails.

Intensive Rescue Balm
The Dr Anders Intensive Rescue Balm is designed to safely and effectively tackle problematic hard skin, hydrate, restore suppleness and moisturise. It contains Urea to nourish and break down hardened, callused skin and eliminate cracks and fissures. It is enriched with a blend of olus oil, colloidal oat and nourishing vitamin E which helps soothe inflammation. Dermosoft ® decalact a natural antimicrobial ingredient and Thuja occidentalis extract known to have antifungal and antiviral activity improves the condition of the skin and protects against infection.

For effective results you apply the balm twice a day to dry, thickened and rough skin. The cream feels silky and creamy and the light, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into the skin providing intense hydration. It smells lovely with a fresh, natural fragrance. The fragrance highlights the fact that it is made with natural, pure ingredients and it is refreshing to have a moisturising balm that is not an artificial perfume scent.

As I am heavy on my feet and have built up years of hardened skin not helped by my love of walking barefoot whenever and wherever I can which have not been shifted by any other foot product before I was not expecting much if any positive results. But my doubts were unfounded and I have been proven wrong. After a few days my feet felt smoother and after a couple of weeks I have had astonishing results with the hardened skin gone and my feet looking healthier, hydrated and feeling silky smooth. It is astonishing the results the product has provided with natural ingredients and I love that it has helped overhaul my feet to make them look and feel healthier in a gentle yet very effective way. I think this product is amazing if your feet need intense care. As I now realise foot care is a long term job I will continue to regularly use the balm to keep my feet in tip top condition and give them some luxurious pampering.

Nourishing Daily Therapy
The Dr Anders Nourishing Daily Therapy is designed to nourish and restore dry problem skin. It contains an unique blend of rejuvenating organic coconut, olus and tamanu oils to effectively hydrate and promote healthy, soft and supple skin, whilst helping to reduce redness and irritation.

For nourishing daily therapy you spray a light mist of the oil formulation all over your feet, paying particular attention to dry, hardened skin (hardened, thickened skin comprising the skin’s ability to get moisture from the deep layers of skin) and then massage into the skin.

The lightweight oil feels velvety-soft and absorbs well into the skin when massaging. Whilst I did not find the nourishing daily therapy to be a luxuriously pampering as the intensive rescue balm it has helped my feet feel hydrated and after a long day on my feet it has helped soothe my ache feet by leaving them feel cooled and soothed. I did not notice much difference to my feet at the beginning which I think was down to the fact that I had such hard skin on my feet but once the intensive rescue balm worked its magic the benefits of this product has started to shine through with my feet looking hydrated and nourished.

Future foot care routine
As I have had such positive results from all of the products they will continue to be part of my future foot care routine. Not only do I love them due to the fact that they have been so effective but because they are gentle and use natural ingredients. Using the products to give my feet some TLC and a little relaxing massage is a great excuse and reminder to look at my feet to check their condition for any damage or problem areas and overall health which helps me ensure my daily routine of feel my feet is done. Hopefully by following the feel your feet campaign and using these high, quality foot care products which are ideal for diabetics I will be able to keep my feet health, prevent foot problems and reduce my risk of developing serious foot complications.

Put your best foot forward today and Feel Your Feet!

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