Friday 19 October 2018

5 Ways To Keep Your Older Dog Happy and Healthy

It seems relatively straightforward to keep a younger dog happy and having fun. Gear up for playtime, bring the enthusiasm, and they’ll respond positively. When they get older, however, things become a little bit more difficult. They no longer have the same energy as they did when they were puppies, and their overall enthusiasm levels take a dip. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be happy and healthy in their older years, oh no. Managed correctly, you can ensure that their life is just as rich and satisfying as any other period of their life.


Don’t Force the Fun
You know when you just want a quiet night indoors, and your friends and family are badgering you to go out? Yeah, that sucks. The same goes for dogs. When your older canine friend reaches a certain age, they’ll be content to take life at a slower pace. But some people don’t get the memo and try to get their pet to relive the old glory days, be it by doing tricks or going for a long, strenuous walk. Know thy dog; if you don’t think they’re enjoying the same old activities anymore, leave them be.

Quiet Spaces
Everyone wants alone time, even dogs, and especially older dogs. They’ll be happy to interact with the family, of course, but as they get older, it’ll be more about when the time suits them. At other times, they’ll be happy to be by themselves. To facilitate this, look at setting up an area where they can be alone, away from the crowd. If they’ve got a cozy corner where they can rest their body in peace, they’ll be happy. And it’ll mean they’re more enthusiastic when they do pay the family room a visit, too.

Helping With Issues
Dogs, like humans, begin to develop some issues with their body as they age. So to start with, make sure you’re taking them to see the vet more often, especially if they’re beginning to show symptoms that something has changed. In the home, you can help by stocking things like CBD treats for dogs, which will help alleviate the joint pains that dogs experience during the later years, such as arthritis. For everything else, it’ll be all about keeping an eye on how your dog is behaving, and then adjusting the bedding area/lengths of their walks to accommodate their circumstances.     

Staying Social
They might not be quite as gregarious as when they were younger, but they’ll still like to see their fellow canines. Even if walks are less frequent these days, make sure you’re stopping by the doggy park regularly. They’ll love it.

Extra Treats
Give your dog extra love and treats as they reach their golden years! This is good for both you and them. They’ll have a happy final few years, and you’ll have plenty of heartwarming memories to look back on once they’re gone. You never know what can happen in this life, so enjoy your dog while you still can!

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