Wednesday 24 October 2018

The beauty of brick tiles

Over the years the trend for exposed brickwork within the home has gained popularity. Exposed bricks are beautiful and make a strong visual impact. Bare brickwork creates a raw contemporary look that perfectly suits an industrial, loft or rustic style.

Achieving exposed brickwork can be tricky. You could remove the plaster on your walls and hope that behind it is a treasure of beautiful bricks. Whilst many older homes boast gems of beautiful bricks behind plaster, the reality is that most homes have breeze blocks or timber frame rather than a solid wall of beautiful bricks. Another downside of renovating your home and exposing brickwork is that it is hard work, messy and time consuming!

Thankfully there is a way to get the exposed brickwork look another way. Brick tiles can be installed on walls to achieve a faux exposed brick wall.

Inspired by old bricks, brick tiles are created with a traditional look and feel of authentic bricks.  To make them a close to the real deal as possible not only they mirror the look of bricks but they are also created so that to the touch they also feel like exposed bricks. As they look authentic they are perfect for creating a feature brick wall. Here are a few of the reasons why brick tiles are ideal for transforming a room to showcase a brickwork feature wall -

Quick and Easy
As mentioned above creating a feature wall by exposing existing, real bricks is hard work and time consuming so a big bonus to using brick tiles instead is that in comparison they are a breeze to install quickly. Offering fast and simple installation not only can professional tilers and builders install them but keen DIYers can easily master installing them too. The tiles are secured to walls with a strong tile adhesive and then grouted between the gaps for a job well done, voila a beautiful brick wall!

Brick walls are suitable for both domestic and commercial environments so work well in a loving home, restaurant, bar or busy office. They can be used indoors and outdoors so ideal for transforming any space. They can also be used in a wet area as long as a suitable adhesive is used.

Brick tiles are created based on real aged bricks. As such they are made with impressions and grooves on the surface just like the ones you would find on an authentic brick. Thanks to the way they are manufactured with different markings even though all the bricks are rectangular in shape and approximately the same dimensions every brick tile is unique. The unique reclaimed brick tiles style helps feature walls look authentic and rustic.

Brick tiles come in a variety of different colours to choose from each of which creates a different style. The colourways and brick styles include old graphite brick, old rock brick and gothic brick. White brick tiles are perfect for creating a crisp, clean look in the bathroom, natural brick tiles can achieve an industrial loft style whilst graphite bricks are ideal for a contemporary style.

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