Sunday 28 October 2018

Saving money with SMARTY

Are you happy with your current mobile phone plan and does it fulfil your mobile needs?

Do you have enough data every month to satisfy your data usage and is the amount of data you pay for a reasonable price? Or do you find your mobile plan disappointing, expensive and either constantly run out of data or feel frustrated that you have to pay for unused data?

If you feel let down by your mobile plan, unrewarded for being loyal to a network and find you are not getting value for money it may be worth considering switching to another mobile network and plan.

What if you could save money on your mobile plan whilst also enjoying the benefits of a mobile plan that is savvy when it comes to data?

Want to know more about the network that offers great value for money with their straightforward plans and transparent pricing and who’ve turned got a clever way of dealing with unused data? Yes well read on….

SMARTY is a SIM-only mobile network launched in August 2017. Powered by renowned network Three, SMARTY offers 3G and 4G coverage.  The competitive UK network boasts that “SMARTY is all about being simple and honest, with plans that are flexible, affordable and super-easy to set-up.”

Offering SIM-only plans starting from as a little as £7.50 per month SMARTY keeps their plans simple.

They offer 3 different plans all of which come with unlimited UK standard calls and texts. So you can talk and text to your hearts delight without keeping an eye on number of minutes or texts you have left. The different plans offer varying amounts of data with a small, medium and large data plan available.

Flexible SMARTY
The beauty of SMARTY is that you don’t have to be tied in and committed to a contract. There is no minimum contract and customers can cancel anytime or change plans monthly to suit their mobile needs and budget.

You simply you pay in advance and enjoy the flexibility and freedom SMARTY offers. Another benefit of paying in advance is that you won’t end up with any big bill surprises at the end of the month. Also no credit checks are needed when signing up.

SMARTY’s deal with data
What makes SMARTY stand out from the crowd is their policy on data especially unused data. With SMARTY you pay for the data you use, not the the data you don’t.
When using SMARTY you pick the plan you want for that month - small, medium or large which all differ on the amount of data they provide.

If at the end of the month you have not used up all the data in your plan instead of having to pay for all of the data you signed up for, regardless of whether you used it or not, you get credit back for unused data which gives you a discount on your next plan. Simply put you get money back for any unused data.

They also offer 100% transparent add-ons so if you ever run out of data you can just add more. Data is set at £1.25 per GB and add-ons never expire as long as you have a live plan.

According to uSwitch who have found many people limit internet use or stick to wifi only to avoid “bill shock”, data waste is a big problem in the UK. But thanks to SMARTY’s unique discount on unused data and standard data caps, customers do not have to worry about under of overusing data.

Smart savings
Thanks to SMARTY’s discount on unused data policy you can make smart savings with a SMARTY mobile plan.

As you get a discount on your next plan for any unused data at a rate of £1.25 per GB, you are not only getting value for money by only paying for the data you use, but you are also getting money off which all adds up to save you money. For example if you have 3GB of unused data you’ll get £3.75 off your next plan.

Their unique policy of giving credit on unused data,  has already saved customers almost £800,000 on data that would’ve otherwise gone to waste.

The plans are also extremely affordable and offer fantastic value for money.

SMARTY’s plans work on a base cost of £5 for unlimited standard calls, text and running the network plus £1.25 per GB of data. Thanks to the reduced SIM-only plan prices they offer amazing value. The large plan for £15 provides unlimited UK standard calls and text plus a whopping 8GB of data!! It would be an extremely difficult task to find another mobile network provider who could offer that amount of data for such an impressive price. In fact SMARTY customers save an £246 per year compared to the average UK mobile phone contract holder.

Signing up to SMARTY mobile which featured as one of the best deals for pay as you go SIM cards currently on the market is simple and easy. Simply order online, wait for your SIM card to arrive in the post then activate it and pop your SIM in and start to enjoy the benefits of being a SMARTY customer.

* Post in collaboration with SMARTY *

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