Wednesday 16 January 2019

Time off

I've never really been religious when it comes to blogging and social media. I've always had the attitude of its my blog and I will write when and if I want to.

Recently I have been more quite than usual. It was never a conscious decision to have a set amount of time off apart from a few days over Christmas but those few days have turned into a few weeks and I have felt better for it.

With a few birthdays of loved ones in December, Christmas and my anniversary with my beloved I wanted to take time off from blog work to enjoy time with loved ones and cherish the moments without having pressure of blog work floating in my thoughts when trying to make the most of the time.

For a few weeks before I had started to feel run down with health issues, pressured by a hectic family calendar and stressed with keeping on top of the blog work.

Having time off from writing blog posts, turning email notifications off and only using social media when I want for chats with friends has been a welcome relief and done me the world of good.

When you lead a busy family, work and social life mix in blogging which can be hard work – writing blog posts when you can grab a small snippet of time away from the kids which often is late into the night and promoting blog posts on social media along with taking, editing and publishing photographs – can push a person over the edge.

With health issues and a history of mental health I have come to learn that I know my limits and need to listen to my body and emotions when things are getting hard so that I don't make my health worse or find myself slipping down the dark rabbit hole of depression again.

Thinking of yourself and putting YOU first can be hard to do especially if like me you have a tendency to put everyone and everything before you. But doing what is best for you and taking time to rest, relax and re-cooperate mental, physically and mentally is important.

Now that we are getting back into the swing of back to school and I've had some rest time to improve my health I want to slowly get back to my blog.

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