Friday 22 February 2019

Staycation 2019

This year we are planning a UK staycation family holiday for the summer where we will be travelling from Pembrokeshire up to North Wales and then across the North of England visiting a number of locations including Chester, Blackpool, Leeds and Scarborough.

Whilst it is going to be lots of travelling we are going to breaking up the journey with a few days at various locations where we will be exploring the area and visiting local family friendly attractions. Not only is it a lovely way for us to see and explore more of what wonderful Great Britain has to offer but by heading North it allows us to also visit Lee’s family in Leeds.

As part of planning the holiday I will be researching various family friendly attractions. Using the blog as a diary planner for the holiday I will be sharing details about the attractions we plan on visiting, highlighting events or specific attractions that we are most excited about.

The idea about sharing the attractions here on my blog is to aid me in planning our holiday, ignite excitement about our holiday and perhaps inspire or help other families looking for family friendly attractions to visit in the North of England. Simply put I am sharing about them because I want to with them being relevant to our holiday not because of payment or being a review. Out of politeness I will be getting permission from the companies to use they photographs and providing a link to the attraction’s website for ease of use for myself and my readers.

Over the next few months I will be sharing about different attractions we plan on visiting the summer in their own dedicated blog posts which I will link here.

Can you recommend any family friendly attractions in or around any of the cities or towns mentioned above?

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