Sunday 21 April 2019

5 tips for a terrific garden shed

A high-quality shed seals the deal on any garden — it’s a sanctuary which helps you make the most of your green space, whatever the weather.
However, shed designs are deceptively simple, so if you cut corners while constructing your own model or purchasing a kit, your dreams could quite literally collapse in splinters.

Fear not — follow our five tips for a terrific garden shed and you’ll soon be king or queen of your own miniature horticultural castle.

When you’re based in Britain, you know that a good roof crowns any shed and ensures that the tools and equipment you stow inside doesn’t get damaged beyond repair by rain and damp. Old fashioned shed felt can last a few years, but rubber membrane from a specialist firm like Rubber4Roofs has a lifespan of over 50 years and performs its function fabulously.

After you’ve invested in a top-notch roof, taking care on insulation is the next step — without it, your timber will warp and anything inside will eventually suffer damage.

But foil insulation blankets can be bought from various online suppliers and, when fitted all around to battens which leave a 25mm air gap, create a clever and effective insulation barrier.

When rain hits a shed from every direction and seeps inside once it runs down the roof, it can cause untold problems. But fitting a water collection system from guttering specialist Halls Rainsaver means water flows along robust gutters and down into butt tanks where it’s saved for a non-rainy day.

Leaving expensive tools, equipment and accessories lying around loose in your shed poses a health and safety hazard that might damage you and your possessions — or at least means you can’t find the right tool for a particular task. However, a workbench with peg board from a brand Like VonHaus allows you to hang all your tools neatly and provides a working surface for crafts, hobbies and household repairs.

Most of us invest in entrance mats for our homes and offices, but unfortunately they’re not nearly as prevalent in sheds, which is a great shame.

If you want to prevent dirt and detritus being dragged into your shed on people’s feet, investing in a tough dirt scraper from mat manufacturer Kleen-Tex is your best bet. There are many to choose from, so please pick a product which combines stylish looks with technical performance in order to keep your shed interior sparkling clean.

Poet Dorothy Frances Gurney believed that ‘one is nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth’ — if this rings true, following these five hacks might make your shed a heavenly abode just a stone’s throw from your house.

That’s our list. Please share your own shed tips in the comments section.

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