Saturday 11 May 2019

Garden time with kids - vegetable growing

Both of the boys love being outdoors. They especially love spending time in the garden. Not only do they love playing in the garden but they also adore helping to care for the garden.

From a young age they’ve both been little green fingered gardeners who love nothing more than helping tend to the garden. They love planting seeds and caring for plants and flowers, watching them grow and bloom. They also find it lots of fun to get stuck in and muddy digging up holes to plant beautiful plants and flowers. 

I love that they enjoy gardening as there are so many benefits of gardening with kids and the time we spend gardening together is lovely family bonding time. Here are just a few of my favourite benefits of gardening with kids -
* Engages the sense 
* Enhances fine motor skills
* Introduces kids to scientific concepts
* Teaches responsibility
* Develops maths skills
* Introduces children to the environment
* Teaches patience

As there are so many benefits to gardening with kids I am passionate about supporting their interest in gardening and am always keen to encourage them to do more in the garden. With that in mind I have decided that we should try vegetable growing in our garden.

I hope that by growing vegetables in the garden with the kids with reinforce their love of gardening, teach them new skills, encourage healthy eating and teach them where food comes from.

As growing vegetables is new to me, especially growing vegetables with kids, I’ve been looking for tips on vegetable growing in the garden with kids. Thankfully Garden Tool Box has come to the rescue with their helpful, informative guide filled with vegetable growing tips to help get kids in the garden.

Whilst I have no problem getting the kids into the garden the article has sparked us into putting bird feeders and wildlife water bowls into our garden to encourage more wildlife to visit. The kids can’t wait to see what birds and wildlife visit which will also encourage educational benefits learning about wildlife.

The article has been especially informative in helping me know what vegetables to grow first so that we can grow something that’s quick, easy and relatively low maintenance. Plus thanks to the guide we can use the easy-to-follow set of guidelines of when to plant vegetables, how to care for them and when it is time to harvest. 

To begin with we have decided to plant carrots and tomatoes. We have also decided to grow herbs, salad leaves and spring onions.

I can’t wait to experience growing vegetables with the kids and watch the plant, care for and harvest the vegetables before enjoying eating food grown by their green fingered hands!

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