Tuesday 14 May 2019

Five Things To Do This Summer

As warmer weather approaches, you’ll find everyone’s getting out and about, making the most of the sunshine while it’s around. Summer is a great time of year for trying out new things, for exploring and getting outdoors. So if you’re looking for a few things to add to your to-do list, here are five things to do this summer.

Take A Road Trip
Depending on your budget, you might not have the funds for an all-inclusive, two weeks stay abroad. If you’ve got kids too, the only option is to go during the busiest time of the year, not to mention the most expensive. So why not take a road trip and holiday in the UK? There are so many interesting places that you’ve probably yet to explore here on British soil. It’s also nice to spend more quality time together, and a road trip can be very exciting for the younger children. Stock up on snacks for the journey and pick out a place that will have plenty to see and do. Ask those in your household where you would like to go and pick one out of a hat. Make it a surprise where only the driver knows where you’re going.

Road trip holidays are a lot more affordable, and it also means that you don’t need to worry about getting travel currency or insurance. There’s also something very comforting about being at home, and even if you decide to just take a long weekend away, it’s a good way of resetting the batteries.

Go To A Festival
Festivals are no longer just for the adults because there’s now plenty of festivals about that are open for families too. Festivals like lovebox do allow children under 12 to enter, and it’s also free, so happy days for parents who want to spend that money saved on a tipple or two. There are also plenty of child-friendly festivals that have cropped up most recently over the past few years. Deer Shed Festival, for example, is a three-day festival that takes part up in Yorkshire. It has everything from music, comedy, and arts which is great for the adults but there’s also plenty of science-related activities and events that will keep the children occupied.

A few other honorable mentions are Camp Bestival, Just So Festival and The Big Festival. These all cater to little ones and have enough going on for the parents too!

Have A Digital Detox
The digital world certainly rules the roost where we’re concerned. We do spend a lot of our time on our phones and digital devices. As much fun as it may be to scroll endlessly down the Facebook or Instagram feed, everyone else is probably out having fun, so you should too. A digital detox always tends to happen during the summer, and it’s a great way of encouraging the rest of the household to do the same. As children, every young generation is now growing up with a phone or tablet in hand, and they end up knowing no different. So use this as an opportunity to do a household digital detox and to make memories together without the need to take pictures of post about it on social media.

Even if you detox from electronics for one whole day, that will end up making a big difference.

Throw Some BBQs
There’s nothing quite like the smell of a BBQ when you’re walking home from work or around your local neighbourhood. This time of year is perfect for getting out into the garden and making the most of your outdoor space for a limited time. BBQs offer something different to the usual food you cook in the evening, and it’s a great excuse to get your friends and family members around for some fun in the sun. Make sure to throw at least one during the summer and if it’s just the one, make it a feast for the whole family to enjoy. It’s a great opportunity to show your kids how to cook a different way than traditionally and it’s always good fun to get everyone involved with the cooking.

Getting out into your garden is great, but you might have neglected it up until this point. In preparation for your BBQ, it might be worth giving the lawn a mow and washing down any tiling or decking area. Wipe down any outdoor furniture and perhaps purchase a few more flowers and potted plants to put out for display.

Do Something New In Your Area
No matter how locally you live to a typical tourist spot, it’s something that you might not ever end up doing, and that’s a shame because you may have plenty of tourist spots around your area that are worth exploring. Wherever you live, do a search of what’s local to you by heading into your local tourist center or library. There’s also likely to be plenty of online community groups via Facebook that will post up various events that may be happening in your area. Perhaps a fairground is coming to your local park if there’s a beer festival coming to town. Getting out and doing something new in your area will also help you build relationships with your locals. It’s nice to be part of a community, and when you have people you know in your area, it can be most useful when you need help.

With the sun out, it’s important to get outside and do more while the days are longer and lighter. Try out something new in your area and get to know your locals more. A digital detox is always worth doing during this time when everyone else will be out having fun. Festivals are all the rage at the moment, and not all of them are in muddy fields, so don’t be put off by what you’d traditionally expect. And finally, make some memories with your family and friends, whether that’s taking a road trip or having a picnic in the park.

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