Thursday 16 May 2019

Tips for visiting a Monster Jam® show

Even though it has been a whole year since we saw Monster Jam® in Cardiff back in May 2018 the boys can't stop talking about it.

They rave about the show to anyone and everyone who will listen. They recreate the show with their own Monster Jam® trucks. They obsessively talk about all the action they saw at the show and adore looking at the photos we captured on the day, especially those we took of the epic Monster Jam® trucks that we saw up-close during the Pit Party. They draw pictures of the epic Monster Jam® trucks and have Monster Jam® merchandise and their fan art adorning their bedroom.

They repeatedly nag ask can we go to a Monster Jam® show again. Much to my delight during the 2018 show it was announced that Monster Jam® would be returning to Cardiff again the following year in 2019. As such I made sure to sign up as a priority customer to get tickets for when they returned to the UK in 2019.

As they loved watching Monster Jam® 2018 in the UK so much and are passionate about the awesome trucks and mind-blowing Monster Jam® we are surprising them with a visit to see the show in Cardiff this coming weekend on Saturday the 18th of May.

As the show is returning to Cardiff again, having just wowed audiences at Manchester Arena at the beginning of this month, then racing to the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on the 8th of June, I thought I would share a few tips about going to a Monster Jam® show.

Check venue rules and security protocols
So as not to have any delays or problems entering the venue it is wise to check the rules and security protocols for the venue and show.

For safety reasons many venues have strict guidelines on items that are prohibited and not allowed to be brought into the venue. Also many places have rules on the size of bag that can be taken into the location.

Be prepared to have to pass through security areas and have your bag searched. Ensuring you are only carrying items that are allowed into the venue and being happy to be security checked will help ensure you get into the venue quickly and without any issues so that you can enjoy all the Monster Jam® action.

Plan the journey
When a venue is hosting an epic show such as Monster Jam® there are often road closures in and around the venue. To help get you to the venue for the show plan your journey ahead of time and find out what road closures there are so that you can know if they will affect your journey. Venue websites often highlight road closures.

Whilst planning your journey it can also be handy to plan where you will be parking. Be aware of a few parking locations not too far to the venue just in case the first you try is full and be clued up on car parking charges. Some venues offer park and ride services. Many venue’s highlight parking and journey information including train information on their website so take a look beforehand so you can be sure to get the show on time.

Ear protection
Monster Jam® is not only an awesome, mind-blowing show but it is also mega loud!

Expecting it was going to be a noisy show, last year the kids wore their Ems 4Kids ear defenders which were fantastic and meant they could enjoy the show whilst their sensitive ears were protected from the deafening noise of the monster trucks. We will be taking them again this year to use on the kids. As the trucks were incredibly loud and I left last year’s show with a headache I have got myself some ear protection for this year.

If you don’t have any ear defenders fear not as they have some fun, monster truck tyre ear defenders for sale at the show!

As Monster Jam is such a popular show with hordes of Monster Jam® fans expect there to be a lot of queues and waiting. Queues to pick up tickets, queues to pass through security, queues at merchandise stands and queues to meet the Monster Jam® drivers at the Pit Party.

Capture the action
Bring your camera with full battery and plenty of space so that you can capture all the trucktastic Monster Jam® action. It is surprising how many pictures you will end up taking of the show and if you go to the pit party beforehand it is easy to quickly fill up your camera roll and drain your battery.

Monster Jam fun
Rev up the pre-show excitement by creating Monster Jam® activities for the kids to enjoy.

Set up some ramps for the kids to launch their toy Monster Jam® trucks up and create challenges such as truck racing and freestyle races that they can recreate with their toy trucks. Learn facts all about Monster Jam® trucks and create a quiz filled with fun facts about the trucks and their drivers. Challenge the kids to draw their own Monster Jam® trucks or get them to colour in print outs.

Plus watch this fun behind the scenes of Monster Jam® video -

Most of all enjoy the Monster Jam® show!!


  1. What a great event to look forward to each year and sweet to see them playing with their monster trucks too. Mich x

  2. I went to see the Monster Jam in Cardiff a few years ago with my dad and my brother and we had a great day out! I recommend bringing a power bank to charge your phone, as no doubt you'll want to capture lots of great photos and video.

  3. I can imagine that ear protection is a must here, especially for kids. I thought this was something that only happened in the US, clearly I was wrong!

  4. That's so nice thta you're all going again this year, especially if they've been talking about it so much x

  5. Oh my gosh, I would love to attend a monster jam show one day, this looks like a lot of fun.

  6. What a fun show and I have ear defenders which I used for the monster trucks at CarFest last year. I bet the boys loved it!

  7. My kids would love this! Ear defenders are fab when they're still little x