Thursday 13 June 2019

Teamsterz Turbo Takedown by HTI Toys review


As the boys have an avid fascination for cars especially cars with speed and love racing toy cars they were excited about playing with Teamsterz Turbo Takedown from HTI Toys. Having adored playing with Teamsterz' Micro Motorz they had high expectations of this other vehicle toy from HTI Toys and thankfully this set did not disappoint.

Once the boys laid eyes on the colourful Turbo Takedown box which is adorned with a speedy scene they were keen to put the set to the test and see if the track set would live up to it’s name be turbo-tastic.

Teamsterz Turbo Takedown is a track set with launcher that comes with 3 die-cast cars. Included in the set is -
* 3 die-cast Teamsterz cars
* Single lane race track
* Launcher
* Ramp
* 2 road signs
* 2 plastic cones
* Instructions

The Turbo Takedown set is easy to assemble and thanks to the easy to understand instructions the boys had the set ready to play before I could say 3, 2 , 1….Go!

The single lane race track simply slots together with the launcher and ramp by aligning the triangles and slotting the launcher/ramp securely into place. To get the launcher ready for racing action you simply pull-back the elastic launcher.

To launch cars using the launcher you then place a car onto the launcher and press down on the end of the launcher and watch how far and fast the car speeds away!

The boys loved catapulting the cars along the track to fly up the ramp and crash through the cones. My little speed demons have had endless fun - launching the cars to watch them fly off at speed, racing cars to see whose can zoom the furthest, creating high-octane stunts and seeing how much destruction they can leave in their wake as they crash through the ramps barricade.

The addition of cones to crash into has also added a big element of fun. They both love seeing the cars burst through the cone barrier as if they are in a high-action film. To create the cone barricade there are slots for the cones at the end of the ramp which the cones sit in.

Having ‘Do Not Enter’ and ‘Road Closed’ road work signs alongside the ramp has also added an element of destructive fun with their cars speeding up a ramp they shouldn’t. The road signs simply slot into the sides of the ramp. The signs are colourful and are designed with a lifelike road work style.

Whilst the boys have a vast collection of toy cars they were excited that the set comes with 3 die-cast cars. Having cars come with the set means that racing fun can start straight away right out of the box. The cars that come with the set are well made and according to the boys ‘very speedy’.

I think it is great that the set is compatible with other track sets so little racers can expand the racing action. It is also fantastic that other die-cast cars can race on this set to add more racing action to the Turbo Takedown fun.

This adventurous, high speed stunt set is great for little race fans and is perfect for encouraging imaginative vehicle play.

Suitable for car lovers aged 3+ years the Teamsterz Turbo Takedown set is great value for money and is available from good toy retailers and supermarkets.

To find out more about the range of HTI toys check out their website, the Teamsterz Toys facebook page and @HTIToys on Twitter.

* Disclaimer: We were sent these items complimentary for the purpose of writing an honest review of the product. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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