Friday 30 August 2019

Flooring options for different rooms of your home

Whether you are renovating your existing home or selecting the finer details of a new build, one of the biggest décor decisions you can make for home improvements or a new home can be what flooring to have. 

The type of flooring you choose can greatly impact the style and feel of a room. Also some types of flooring are better suited to certain rooms compared to others. With that in mind it can often be the case that you choose different flooring options for different rooms in your house rather than have the same flooring throughout. 

Also as flooring can be costly it is not something you'll be able to afford to change often so it's best to get it right when you do choose what flooring to have. 

As such choosing the type of flooring you have in your home is an important decision. 

It's a tricky decision to find flooring that is the perfect balance of style, practicality, durable and affordability. 

Here we look at some flooring options for different rooms in the home -

An area that can often be neglected but important as it is the first area of the house people see and it's one of the most high traffic areas in a home. So when it comes to hallway flooring it is key to find flooring that is hard wearing and looks good. 

Engineered wood flooring is perfect for hallways. Made from multiple layers of wood with a layer of the highest quality wood on top it offers the look and feel of real wood at a fraction of the cost. As well as offering a beautiful real wood look it is also resilient and moisture resistant, which is great for flooring that is going to get heavy use and where wet and muddy feet will enter the home on bad weather days.

Kitchen and dining areas
As the spills and food mess can often happen in the kitchen and dining areas it is important to choose flooring that is easy to clean. 

Incredibly practical, durable and easy to clean luxury vinyl tile flooring is ideal for kitchens and dining rooms. It is also affordable and easy to fit. 

The beauty of luxury vinyl tile flooring is that it comes in a variety of styles such as authentic wood, marble or stone finishes. 

Bathroom and wet rooms 
A popular choice for bathrooms and wet rooms are ceramic tiles as they are easy to clean plus moisture and heat resistant. 

For the same reasons another great flooring option for bathrooms is luxury vinyl flooring. 

Sitting room
For comfort and warmth a lovely choice for your sitting room is carpet. A thick pile carpet will offer soft plushness underfoot and durability. 

If you prefer hard floors in place of carpet, solid wood flooring can be lovely and look wonderful in a sitting room. For added comfort and a splash of colour you could use a rug on top of the wood flooring. 

Similar to the sitting room you could choose a sumptuous carpet or durable hard flooring with or without rug for bedrooms. 

If opting for carpets in children's bedrooms it can be wise to choose a carpet with stain resistant finish to help prevent stains from spillages. 

Children's playroom
Flooring in a children's playroom needs to be hard wearing, durable and easy to clean. 

As such a brilliant option is luxury vinyl flooring. It is easy to clean which is a must where children may create spillages and mess when playing. Tidying paint or playdoh is a lot easier on vinyl flooring than carpets!  If you you want to add a touch of comfort for example if creating a reading corner use colourful rugs and soft beanbags for children to comfortably relax in. 

If you do opt for carpet choose one with a stain resistant finish and hard wearing yet soft pile. 

What type of flooring do you like in your home?

* This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Flooring365. All words and opinions are my own *

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