Thursday 29 August 2019

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Welcome to the world of The Dark Pictures Anthology – a series of intense, standalone cinematic horror games!

Players of the games will be challenged to explore and uncover each story with the knowledge that all their choices have consequences and all playable characters can live or can die...

The terrifyingly realistic horror game series by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe and Supermassive Games sees the first instalment in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan, released tomorrow on the 30th of August 2019!

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan brings supernatural horror to the South Pacific. A group of 4 young Americans and their skipper Fliss set sail on a holiday diving trip with a rumoured WWII wreck to find. 

With a WWII wreck to find and lots of on-deck partying to be had it should be the trip of a lifetime....but will it be a trip they can survive with their life still intact?

As the day unfolds and a storm rolls in, their trip soon changes into something much more sinister as they find themselves trapped on board a ghost ship. Subjected to unimaginable stress and terror, they must try to find a way to escape the ship and its sinister history.

Who will live? Who will die? It’s down to you. Can you save them all?

So that gamers can share the enjoyment of play this creatively immersive horror game with their friends the game can be played in multi-player. There are 2 multi-player modes -
* Shared Story – online 2 player co-operative mode where you play the whole story online with a friend, making choices that effect you both.
* Movie Night - up to 5 players play together offline on the couch where each player controls a different character.

For gamers wanting to live through the horror alone there is also Solo Story mode where gamers complete the terrifying story as a single player experience.

Gamers who pre-ordered Man of Medan will experience The Curator's Cut which opens the game to previously unavailable scenes with different playable characters and allows gamers to make new choices with different outcomes. For those who did not pre-order The Curator's Cut will be available for free in the future, around the end of November 2019. To play The Curator's Cut gamers need to complete the main story once.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan releases on the 30th August 2019 in both boxed and digital editions for Playstation® 4, Xbox One and PC.

To find out more about Man of Medan and keep up to date with other games in The Dark Pictures Anthology series take a look at the website here.


  1. This sounds great. I love horrors and supernatural horrors are an added bonus. Never played a horror game before though!!!! Must be fun :-)

  2. Horror games terrify me! I enjoy watching other people play them (so I can hide behind a pillow at the extra scary bits) but I can never play them myself. Although I like that there are multiplayer options on this game so you can rope in friends to play with you. I'd be too scared to play alone!

  3. My oldest son loves horror movies. These games sound like they'd be right up his alley, and a nice holiday gift.

  4. Not so sure I could play this as a solo player! I think I'd be far too scared!!! Looks great for a party of players though x

  5. Mellissa Williams31 August 2019 at 11:53

    This looks like something my son would potentially enjoy, he loves a good scare whether its film or game!

  6. This sounds like a really interesting game, I have to admit I used to love playing a good horror game. Perhaps I need to get back into them!

  7. I had no idea you could get horror games, think this would give me nightmares

  8. This looks like a very cool game, something I will be checking out, for sure. Thanks for the review.

  9. I'm not really into computer games but my husband would love this!