Tuesday 3 September 2019

Jumanji: The Video Game – Welcome to the jungle!

As a family of gamers and fans of both the Jumanji films we were all very excited when it was announced that a new game based on the popular Jumanji filmfranchise had been created and was to be launched this November.

Welcoming gamers to the jungle BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe, Outright Games and UK based development studio Funsolve, in collaboration with Sony Pictures have revealed a brand new gameplay trailer that showcases the first ever gameplay footage from Jumanji: The Video Game.

Enter the world of Jumanji and check out the action-packed, jungletastic trailer below -

Gamers looking forward to entering the jungle for frantic, hippotastic, action-packed fun have even less time to wait until the game is released as the release date has been move up by a week.

A Game For Those Who Seek To Find… 
A Way To Leave Their World Behind."

Gamers can enter the jungle and step into the boots of their favourite Jumanji character – Dr Brave Stone, Ruby Roundhouse, Franklin 'Mouse' Finbar or Professor Shelley Oberon – and leave their world behind on November the 8th when Jumanji: The Video Game will launch on PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ and PC digital.

Who will you play as to find the previous Jewels of Jumanji, save the world and find a way home?

Prepare to enter the dangerous world of Jumanji with its deadly array of exotic creatures, treacherous locations and an army of evil marauders by pre-ordering the game today!

Jumanji: The Video Game is out on Playstation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ and PC digital on November the 8th.


  1. That sounds amazing! Can't wait to play this game someday. I love how the characters looks like the actors in the movie since some games change the look sometimes.

  2. This video game is perfect for our son! We all loved the most recent Jumanji movie, and he's an avid gamer.

  3. I love the film, such a great family adventure film. This looks a cool game and family friendly too

  4. I love Jumanji! I'm a big fan of both the original film (with Robin Williams) and the most recent version. Love the idea of this video game.

  5. This sounds great! I am definitely going to pick this up for Jack on the Switch - he would love it!

  6. Oh wow I used to love this film as a child. I bet many will want this for Christmas - what a fab looking game xx

  7. It's a classic film and I would love to have this game on the Switch, could do with some new switch games x

  8. We still love watching the Jumanji films and this game would be awesome to play. Would make a great Christmas present!

  9. I absolutely adored the new Jumanji films though they were a great tribute to the fun of the original with a fantastic twist. My kids will love this game!