Monday 30 September 2019

Three mobile - Three App, Three Live and Three Store Now

I’ve been a Three mobile phone customer for a number of years. I have stayed loyal to Three over the years and renewed contracts with the nationwide mobile phone provider thanks to three key reasons that have meant being a Three customer works well for me - competitive prices, great coverage and fantastic customer service. Three key reasons why I love Three!

Since becoming a Three customer many years ago, I have seen their customer service improve. Plus the ways to communicate and get help from Three customer service has advanced yet again with new customer service tools so that you can feel confident that if a problem arises or you have a query you can get helpful advice and excellent customer service even without visiting a store or ringing the customer service live.

These customer service tools are the Three App, Three Live and Three Store Now.

Having had personal experience of all three service tools, which have been positive experiences, there are now three extra reasons why I love being a Three customer. The customer service tools are perfect for me as I rarely have time to pop into a store or can have peace and quiet from the kids to call the customer service line. 

Three App
Available on iOS and Android the Three App is a free app that offers customers complete control of their account. 

The Three App allows you to check current usage, balance and allowances, view bills, buy additional allowances, check upgrade status, find support and even talk to a Three customer service representative via Live Chat plus much more!

Other key features the app allows you to check is the breakdown of bills including any extra charges incurred, bill history up to the last 12 months of previous bills,  pay as you go credit balance and buy top-up. The app also offers advice on how to move number to Three, activate new sim, move to pay as you go, change payment date, learn about call charges and using phone abroad. 

Using the app you can also access the Three shop to shop for accessories and see exclusive customer offers. The support provided by the app is not limited to Live Chat but you can also benefit from support on how to report a network issue, setup wifi calling, network coverage and app diagnostics. The app also helps you to find your nearest store, see Discovery Sessions and even play a game.

Three Live
Available via the Three UK website, Three Live are informative, interactive 30 minute sessions where experts demo the latest phones and tablets live. They showcase all the features and functions to help customers get to grips with the latest tech which is helpful for those considering what  phone to get or wanting to learn more about the features of their new phone. Plus as Three Live is interactive viewers can get involved and ask for stuff they’d particularly like to see or know about the device by typing a question in the chat box. 

Whilst the experts often demo the latest launches, if you are looking at or need help with an older device they could still demo it or direct you in the right direction for support. Three Live is not just about showcasing demos of devices you can also ask about switching to Three, their plans and offers.

You can see what Three Live sessions are coming up by checking the Three Live diary. If you have a question for customer services, you can live chat via their “Live chat with us now” option or email via the “Get customer service support“. If you like the look of a device being shown on Three Live you can start shopping.

Three Store Now
Three Store Now puts the sales assistant right in your hand without having to go to a store. When buying online and in need of some advice, simply press ‘Live Chat with us now’ on any product page and select ‘Find the right deal for me’. This will put you in touch with a real sales assistant in a store who will be able to take you through your questions.

Why I love Three App, Three Live and Three Store Now
These services have made being a Three customer even better as it is so easy to contact Three. 

I use the Three App the most, using it on a regular basis.  I love that it helps me take control and manage my mobile use with everything I need to track my spending, get advice and support plus manage my account is at my fingertips thanks to the easy to use app. I can effortlessly keep an eye on my Three account and feel confident that if any problems arise I can get support at a touch of a button without having to go to a store or call the customer service line which is great as I live a hectic life and am not a huge fan of talking on the phone. 

Whilst I’ve not used Three Live and Three Store Now as much as the Three App, I also think they are great service tools and have had a positive experience using both. 

I’ve watched a few Three Live sessions to help me decide between phones ready for when I upgrade my phone in a couple of weeks time. The advice provided by the experts in the demo’s has helped me choose the right phone for me. I also know that once I get my new phone following the upgrade if I need support on it’s features I can contact Three for support and advice. 

As I am preparing for my latest upgrade I have used Three Store Now to speak to a sales assistant from the comfort of my own home. Being able to use Three Store Now has been beneficial as I can get my questions answered at a touch of a button and once I am able to go ahead with the upgrade I can get the best deal for me without having to go to a store, saving me time and hassle. 

Have you used any of Three’s new services - Three App, Three Live or Three Store Now?

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