Tuesday 1 October 2019

Sudio Regent II white headphones review

I love music. I enjoy listening to music everyday whether it is blasting out of speakers or getting lost in my own world filled with music as I listen to music with earphones. When listening to music on my own I usually use earphones, in fact it has been years since I have used classic on ear headphones. As I love the look of headphones when I got the chance to review a pair of Sudio earphones or headphones I selected the Regent II headphones. 

Renowned for designing sound Sudio make premium earphones and headphones. Rooted in iconic Swedish music, the name Sudio was created as it seamlessly combines ‘Swedish’ and ‘Audio’ to reflect their design vision and aim to offer exceptional sound quality to music enthusiasts from all walks of life. They are passionate about clean, elegant Swedish design and providing products to spark the moment where music lovers can get lost in the music. 

Regent II headphones

The headphones arrived in a stylish, well packaged box that included:
* Sudio Regent II headphones
* Auxiliary audio cable
* USB charging cable
* Owner’s manual and quick start guide
* Guarantee card

The minimalist design of the box with black and white colourway is a classy look that optimises Scandinavian style. Inside the pristine box the white headphones looked stylish and luxurious against the black interior. Little details such as silk tags to pull open the box adds to the luxurious style of Sudio and the headphones.

Design and build
The headphones not only look high quality but also feel high quality and of a premium build quality. The exceptional quality and craftsmanship of the headphones means they feature a foldable design without sacrificing sound quality. The high quality collapsible design means that the headphones are compact for storage.

Available in both white, black and tradition (a horse design), the Regent II are elegant, premium headphones. We received the Sudio Regent II headphones in white

The headphones have a distinctive retro feel thanks to the wire-frame cup holders which is a look I really like. It is also lovely that in a market dominated with earphones that headphones are still being appreciated and customised with technological features such as wireless capabilities yet given a nod to retro style thanks to its design.
The headphones feature both matte and polished finish. I love the white and gold combination of the Regent II white headphones. The white design is strikingly stunning with the gold detailing beautifully complementing the white. I love how eye catching and elegant the headphones are thanks to the bold contrast of white and gold.

Interchangeable caps
A unique feature of the Regent II headphones is that they have interchangeable caps on the ear pads so that you can customise the headphones with a different look.. This wonderful feature means that you can change the look of the headphones and can express your style freely. The beauty of interchangeable caps means you can change the style of the headphones as you change your music.

Whilst I love the stock white with gold caps that come with the White Regent II headphones I love that the caps can be changed. Changing the caps was quick and easy thanks to the instructions that came with both the headphones and the extra interchangeable caps.

To change the caps apply gentle pressure to the existing caps and twist 90% to remove, then to add new caps align the arrows and twist until the cap locks into place. The caps felt safe and secure once locked into place and I love how effortlessly easy it is to change the caps.

There are a variety of different interchangeable caps to purchase as accessories to change the style of the headphones such as Green Marble and Selva Azurro which is a design of blue leaves. The ones we received were the Gold Birch interchangeable caps. The Gold Birch caps features a simple yet stylish white and gold design that complements the headphones. 

Whilst not hugely different to the stock white caps, the addition of extra gold detailing on the Gold Birch caps adds a hint of luxury and a different look to the headphones. I love the look of the Onyx Marble caps which have an opulent style and Selva Rossa caps for a splash of colour.

The headphones feature a generously padded foam cushioned headband with a soft leather finish which makes the headphones comfortable to wear. The ear pads which are covered with soft faux leather finish are very soft and pillowy which helps make the on-ear headphones comfortable to wear. The thick yet firm cushioning makes the design comfy to wear for prolonged usage.

To help achieve optimum comfort the headphones are adjustable. Thanks to the gold wire frame that connects the ear cups to the headband the headphones’ size can be adjusted for the perfect fit. The simple yet clever design of a wire frame means that the headphones are flexible and lightweight.

Technical features
The Regent II headphones feature a range of technical specs including built-in microphone, passive-noise isolation, voice assisted technology (siri and google assistant) plus they are sweat resistant. All of these features plus the ones highlighted in more detail below mean the headphones are ideal for daily use. As well as being able to use to listen to music when connected to a smartphone they can be used to make and accept calls. 

Battery life
The battery life of the Regent II headphones is brilliant. One full charge lasts 24 hours of active battery time and a full 20 days standby. 

Charging the headphones can be done via microUSB with quick charge time taking only 10 minutes to get the headset going or 2 hours for a full charge.

The Regent II headphones can be connected in two different ways, via an auxiliary port or via wireless capability. 

For those who prefer wired or are using a device without bluetooth, the headphones come with a standard 3.5mm auxiliary cable which works simply, just plug in and play.

The headphones also feature wireless capability using bluetooth technology. The headphones work on bluetooth version 4.1 and have a range of up to 10 meters. To connect via bluetooth simply press and hold the centre button on the headphones for 5 seconds until a red light begins to flash then pair with your device’s bluetooth.

I found the headphones paired seamlessly with a number of different devices and the connectivity via both bluetooth and aux cable worked perfectly every time with a strong connection.

Using the headphones
Once you have connected the headphones with your device you can use the buttons on the headphones to change songs or adjust the volume. The headphones feature 3 buttons on the bottom of the right ear pad. One is the power and play/pause button while the others control volume. 

I appreciate the 3 button remote on the headphone’s ear pad as it makes changing songs and volume simple and easy plus it means I don’t have to use the device to change these options so my phone can be kept safely in my pocket or I can wander around the house without having to keep going back to my laptop to change a song.

Sound quality
I have been very impressed sound quality of the Regent II headphones. They produce nice clean, crisp sounds. They provide a decent range of sounds with that it well balanced between bass, mid and treble. The headphones produce clean high notes whilst lows have a nice natural full bass.

I have used the headphones to listen to a wide variety of genres from pop to rock to hip-hop plus listened to some podcasts and video streams and found them to work well with a variety of sounds.

The headphones excel at passive noise isolation. Thanks to the grippy yet comfortable and padded ear pieces they are excellent at offering noise cancellation. So much so I can’t hear people talking around me or other background noise.

Whilst I am not a music aficionado and not a pro at analyzing sound qualities, my honest opinion as a lover of music is that the headphones offer superb sound quality for their price range and are perfect for getting lost in music during everyday use.

Final thoughts
The only criticism I have of the headphones is that it does not come with a case for safekeeping when not in use and I cannot see one available to purchase separately as an optional extra. As the white Regent II headphones are so beautiful it would be a shame to get them scratched or damaged by carrying them in a backpack without a case.

In spite of this one little negative I love the headphones and would highly recommend them. For the price (RRP £79) they are a great everyday alternative to earbuds and offer a premium product with useful technology and features for a great price. 

The headphones have been well loved since they have arrived, being invaluable in helping me enjoy my love of music as I nest and rest ready for baby’s arrival.

I love that there are no pesky wires to worry about as I go about my day to day activities with the sweet sound of music playing in my ears thanks to these stunning, bluetooth enabled headphones. 

The combination of beautifully and elegantly designed headphones with a retro and Swedish feel along with superb sound quality, wireless capability, passive noise isolation plus comfortable fit make for a wonderful headphone that is perfect for helping one immerse themselves in a world of music.

If you’d like to buy a pair of Sudio Regent II headphones or another product from the range of Sudio earphones, headphones and accessories use promo code rootsandwingsentwine to get 15% off! Amazingly the code is valid forever for lots of Sudio love.

* We were gifted these Sudio Regent II headphones for free in return for an honest review. All opinions and photographs are my own *


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  3. I love that you can change the caps as this would instantly change the look of the headphones. They also look really comfortable x

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