Thursday 17 October 2019

Haulage, storage and distribution specialists - John K. Philips Group

Many successful businesses start from humble beginnings. Starting as small businesses and growing over the years to be extensive and thriving businesses that keep up with the ever changing modern world we live in. 

With many businesses closing their doors, hearing of British companies that have stood the test of time and survived adversity, recession and challenges of modern life is uplifting and impressive. 

One inspirational business success story is that of John K Philips.

How it all began
Over 40 years ago, back in 1974, John Philips bought bought his first truck and set up a small business delivering paint.

Over the years he expanded his business by adding more trucks to the fleet and diversifying services. 

John K. Philips is now one of the biggest distribution companies in the Northwest of England providing a range of services and building up a solid reputation for excellence and value for money.

The business
Operating from their base in St. Helens, John K Philips Group deals dealing with haulage, storage and distribution.

To meet the demands of clients and offer exceptional service they have an extensive modern fleet consisting of 1.2 tonne capacity vans, 18 tonne rigids with tail lifts, 26 tonne rigids with tail lifts and 44 tonne tractor units.

John K Philips Group offers a variety of services and tailors the services to meet the needs and requirements of the clients so that they get excellent service, ideal for them. 

Pallet delivery services - The company offers pallet courier services that covers pallet distribution and palletised freight. They provide world-class pallet delivery services that includes consignment tracking service for any volume of freight and offer great value for money thanks to their precise pricing system that ensures you only pay for the pallet space you need. 

Haulage - Offering bulk transportation and road haulage services the company are experts at transferring small one-off consignments or regular batches of heavy goods.

Bonded warehousing - John K. Philips Group offers companies bondage storage. Based in St. Helens the company has a 250,000 sq ft warehouse that offers bonded storage facilities that is strategically located close to Liverpool’s ports and major airports in the Northwest. Designed to help companies who need to import stock but want to spread the cost of HMRC payments, John K. Philips Group’s dedicated staff takes care of the paperwork and they have a fully automated system to keep track of incoming and outgoing stock. 

Specialist service
John K. Philips Group has long specialised in the transportation of dangerous goods and chemicals, so all of their drivers are ADR trained and all vehicles are ADR compliant. They are also members of  the Hazchem Network which helps provide clients with peace of mind and assurance that their consignment is being looked after by the most qualified and trained specialists, no matter what it is.

To meet the demands of customers, overcome modern challenges and stay at the top of the fast changing industry of haulage, storage and distribution the company uses cutting edge logistical capabilities, route planning and efficient shipping methods along with ensuring all of the staff have full training plus a professional qualification.

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