Monday 14 October 2019

Slap Ninja - review

Who will be the quickest? Master or student?

Both of the boys are fascinated by ninja’s, finding them intriguing, mysterious and totally awesome! As they love ninja’s they love nothing more than pretending that they are little ninjas with incredible skills that a ninja master would praise.

As they are mesmerised with the world of ninja’s they were over the moon about practising their ninja skills as they helped me test out a ninjatastic game from JAKKS Pacific - Slap Ninja.

Slap Ninja is an electronic, fast action game that features awesome sound effects and a zapper. Suitable for little ninja’s aged 4+ the game is designed for two players - the master and the student. As the name suggests the game features a ninja that slaps! But don’t worry the ninja takes it easy on the student, giving a gentle slap with his large ninja hand.

The game boasts the strapline “A second to learn… a lifetime to master” which perfectly highlights the fact that the game is incredibly easy to learn but takes a lot of patience and practice to master!

Sitting opposite each other across the Slap Ninja game which is styled as a karate bench, one player becomes the master and the other is the student. Both players hold onto the table leg grip in front of them.

The fast action, skillful game features a cool ninja with an impressive chop hand who is operated by one player to protect his precious coin. The other player, the student, has to challenge his sneaking skills to quickly sneak past the ninja master to grab the treasure before the hand slaps him.

The ninja master player uses the red trigger on the karate bench leg to operate the ninja’s huge chop hand to slap and defend his previous coin that sits on the palm of his other hand from the sneaky ninja student opponent. A simple squeeze on the trigger and the ninja’s domineering chop hand slaps down! If the master stops the student and uses the chop hand to slap the student away successfully the master wins a point.

Channeling their sneaky ninja skills the student’s challenge is to prove their skills are worthy of praise by touching the ninja master’s red coin without getting slapped. To succeed in sneaking past the master quick enough the student has to press on the large red coin in the master’s hand. If they manage to press the red coin they score a point. If they are not quick enough and get slapped by the master’s chop hand they get zapped by an electric shock through the handle they are holding.

Each player’s points are tracked by the ninja throwing stars on each side of the karate bench lightening up. The first player to defeat their opponent three times is crowned ninja champion and the loser gets zapped by their handle. 

The zap is a gentle shock and the game vibrating violently but no ninjas were harmed in this game, in fact both of my little ninja’s found it hilarious when the game zapped them!

I love the style of the game and how it has been designed with the ninja theme running throughout thanks to details such as cool ninja master, karate bench and ninja throwing stars. A big bonus for me is that the game is one piece and is easy to store, in fact as it stands independently and has a ninjatastic design the boys think it’s cool to display on their shelf unit when not playing. I like that it is a game both boys can play together and that it is fun for both my 4 and 8 year old alike. I also like that as it comes with batteries included and is easy to learn it is ready to play straight out of the box, making it a fantastic present to give to budding ninjas. 

Please note the ninja headbands pictured were not included with the Slap Ninja game. I think it would make the game even more amazing if they were as it heightens the ninja experience and fun of the game. 

The boys think the game is amazing and have lots of fun playing it together to practice their ninja skills and see who will be the ninja champion. They love the sound effects and zapping which they think is hilarious. They like the one-on-one challenge that the game provides and have spent countless hours trying to beat each other plus they have been challenging friends and family to a game of Slap Ninja.

If you’d like to put your ninja’s to the test with this fun, fast paced and interactive Slap Ninja game it can be purchased here.

* Slap Ninja was provided for free in return for this honest review *


  1. This looks like a fun game that I think Jack would enjoy! I might have to get this for Jack.

  2. This sounds like a fun game for people who love ninjas. I can imagine it causing a lot of laughs when being paid as well.

  3. This games looks so much fun! We'd be in hysterics if it was played in our family. Great idea for a game.

  4. My kids love ninja's too! This game looks like so much fun for all the family.

  5. I love how much your kids are enjoying the game! What a good photo! I think my kids would love it too.

  6. Haha how fun is this...looks like your kids are loving life and having a fun time for sure