Wednesday 23 October 2019

Snuggle Seat - review

As we eagerly await the arrival of baby number 3 my nesting instincts have well and truly kicked it. Along with giving the house a good spring clean I have been getting all of the baby things out of storage and making room in our house for all the baby things. We have a bedside cot set up in our bedroom perfect for co-sleeping safely plus a baby bouncer chair and playmat as safe places to put baby down when not in the bedroom.

Whilst the playmat and baby bouncer chair are great as safe places to put baby down around home they only last a short while plus it is helpful to have a variety of safe, baby friendly options rather than be restricted to one place to let baby rest when not in the cot. Thankfully Snuggle Seat came to the rescue with a safe, baby friendly seat that provides long lasting use.

Snuggle Seat
Designed in Great Britain, Snuggle Seat is an award winning baby bean bag that is created to be used from newborn to 8 years!

As well as boasting long useage their bean bags combine comfort, practicality, style and safety, providing a variety of positive benefits and guarantees.

To provide parents with peace of mind, Snuggle Seat bean bags are designed with safety as the number one priority. The baby bean bag cover features a revolutionary quick release buckle which is vital in case of accidents plus bumper padding for keeping tiny little heads and toes safe and comfortable. The bean bags also go through extreme testing to ensure every element is safe for little ones.

Baby health benefits
The way that Snuggle Seat is designed provides baby health benefits such as helping support baby so that they grow up strong. The bean bags feature unique padding and bean combination to help protect against flathead syndrome (plagiocephaly). Plus thanks to the fact that the bean bags provide customisable elevation using the Snuggle Seat can help to reduce and relieve the symptoms of acid reflux and colic.

Suitable from newborn to 8 years
As mentioned Snuggle Seat provide long lasting use being usable for much longer than 6 months which is common with baby products. Thanks to its clever design Snuggle Seat adapts with baby to be used as they grow.  To be used with newborn babies the Snuggle Seat comes with a newborn cover with a super safe harness. Then when little ones are up and toddling around the cover can be changed to the free additional cover with no harness that comes with the seat so it can be used as a comfy seat for children up to 8 years of age. 

Snuggle Seat bean bags weigh just 2kg making them ideal to be easily carried and moved so that your little one can snuggle on their seat anywhere.

Easy clean
As Snuggle Seat know that babies and children can be messy little monsters their bean bags feature wipe clean bases, 100% waterproof materials and an easy to remove inner filling bag.

Free prefilling
To save the hassle and mess of a filling a bean bag which can be like a snow storm if the beans escape, Snuggle Seat bean bags come pre-filled and ready to use at no extra cost!

Happy baby guarantee 
If your baby isn't happy with their Snuggle Seat, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for 30 Days. If you have any issues with your Snuggle Seat or want advice before buying they also provide online customer service support.

Our experiences with Snuggle Seat
As Snuggle Seat bean bags are available in a wide variety of different designs and colours it was a hard task to pick the perfect one for baby number 3. After much deliberation the boys decided on the limited edition Moonlight baby bean bag.

The limited edition Moonlight baby bean bag is a lovely silver and black design that is super stylish, has a modern look with an air of luxury and comfort.

The black covers are sumptuously soft and are a beautiful shimmery black. The sides are a textured silver that compliments the black. The shiny silver base of the bean bag is a slip resistant.

I think it is brilliant that you get two covers with the bean bag - one with harness and one without. 

Changing the covers is quick and easy, you simply unzip the cover already on the bean bag and then zip on the other cover. 

I love that the zip is hidden by the padded cover so it does not impact on comfort, makes the bean bag look seamlessly stylish and little fingers can’t easily unzip it themselves.

When you take off the cover you can see the beans which are securely nestled inside of a bag. For ultimate comfort you can adjust the level of beans which is a great bonus.

The quick release buckle is helpful to parents to be able to get the baby out quickly if needed for example if baby is sick or crying. The design of the harness means you can also get baby in safely with just one hand which makes parenting that little bit easier.

I love that the harness has padded material underneath it so only the soft material is against baby. I also appreciate the fact that the baby cover with harness has a triple layer foam bumper so baby is safely nestled inside a safety ring.

As baby is not here quite yet his big brothers decided to test it out with their favourite teddy bear which they declared was the perfect fit.

In the meantime H is more than happy to keep the bean bag warm ready for his little baby brother and loves to sit on it to read books and play on the Nintendo Switch. However I have an inkling that we may have to buy another bean bag as he is already very fond of it and may not be happy to share with baby!

As safety is vital I feel reassured that baby will be safe and secure in the Snuggle Seat thanks to the safety features of harness, quick release buckle and slip resistant base.

I would highly recommend Snuggle Seat and love that not only will it be fantastic as somewhere to safely let baby rest anywhere in the house so I can keep an eye on him whilst doing household chores or playing with the other kids, but that it also fantastic for his big brother to relax on too.

As Snuggle Seat is practical, grows with baby from newborn to 8 years, boasts safety features, provides health benefits and is of such high quality from hard wearing materials I think it is great value for money. The limited edition Moonlight baby bean bag featured in this review has an RRP of £89.99 but is currently available at the time of writing this for the amazing price of £39.99. Snuggle Seat bean bags are available in a range of designs from plain fabrics to prints,, click here to see the full range.

* We were sent this Snuggle Seat for free in return for this review which contains our honest thoughts on the product *


  1. What a great idea. It’s almost like a bean bag but more structured. Good luck with no 2

  2. This looks lovely! My friend has just had a baby so will share this post with her as it sounds great.

  3. Just last week my SIL was talking about a snuggle seat and this is not what I had in mind, its absolutely brilliant, sending the link to my SIL.

  4. I hadn't realized that these products lasted until 8, its good they are so versatile!

  5. It is so important to know you have somewhere safe to have baby when you need that time to have your hands free. This Snuggle seat looks ideal, and so very comfy. Brilliant item to have in the home.

  6. What a great product! I wish I'd have known about them when my two children were small!

  7. I've never seen one of these before but I love the fact that it grows with your child, your son looks very happy in it, as does teddy! lol Mich x

  8. My folks wish they had something like this when I was younger! It makes a great little seat too and we like its easily cleaned!