Sunday 24 November 2019

Casdon Chip ‘N’ Pin Till review


As we love role play toys and champion toys that inspire and support imaginative, role play we are fans of Casdon toys. 

Part of the Casdon Little Shopper range the Casdon Chip ‘n’ Pin Till is a shopping till with loads of features such as a working calculator, card reader plus realistic lights and sounds. 

The Casdon Chip ‘n’ Pin Till set includes - 
* Till with working calculator, till receipt roll, mic and till drawer plus lights and sounds
* Chip and pin card reader with lights and sounds
* 2 payment cards with different PIN numbers
* Play banknotes and coins
* Play food cans and boxes
* Stickers to place on till, card reader, pretend payment cards and play food cans

The till is ready to play out of the box, with the till pre-assembled in the box. However as the till is fully functioning with lights and sounds it does require batteries in the till and card reader (5 x AA batteries in total) which are not included. Stickers also have to be added to the till.

The beauty of the set is that as it comes with play food little ones can play shopping straight away plus they can add to their shopping experience with other play food from other sets such as the Casdon Shopping Basket and food set. Stickers need to be placed on the cans to bring them to life and the boxes need to be assembled which is quick and easy thanks to the clever fold design. 

The play food cans and boxes are a great addition to the set and support imaginative, role play. I imagine the food cans lasting longer than the boxes and wonder if with the boxes would withstand vigorous play but thankfully our 4 year old is very careful with his toys. The detail on the play food is brilliant with the real life miniature foods showcasing superb attention to detail with cooking instructions featuring on the play food boxes.

The till features realistic elements such as a till receipt that can be wound out or in but does not print.

The chip ‘n’ pin machine is interactive and the payment cards both have their own PIN numbers which are inputted into the card machine. If the wrong PIN number is inputted a red light appears with an error sound, when the correct PIN is entered a green light appears with a bell ring sound.

Suitable for children aged 3+ our 4 year old has loved playing this till set. The till, play money and play food is a great size for little hands. Not only does it look good thanks to the addition of colour on the buttons but the realistic features of the till is visually stimulating and supports children learning about real life through fun play.

He has loved role playing with this set, pretending that he is working in a shop to sell us the food plus an array of other things he has found in our home. He has loved adding the coins to the till drawer, counting them as he goes which has helped his maths skills. It is a shame that the set does not come with a few more coins but it is easy to get some more play coins to add to the collection...until then he has raided his piggy bank to use real coins.

He also finds it fun to add up the shopping using the working calculator which encouraged development of early counting skills and number recognition.

It is a lovely role play set that is a great addition to his other role play toys. The realistic features enables him to feel part of the world while developing essential life skills. I appreciate that it is great for maths skills plus is also good for hand-eye coordination. I love that it encourages exploration and discovery with children learning whilst having fun.

The Casdon Chip ‘n’ Pin till (RRP £20) is great value for money and is a wonderful role play toy perfect for encouraging little ones to explore and develop their imagination and social skills.

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  1. Ahh! My girls have both had one of these when they were younger. They are a lot of fun for little one's. x