Thursday 28 November 2019

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival game review


There’s Tsum-thing adorably cute, fun and joyful rolling onto the Nintendo Switch!

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe along with developers BB Studios and Hyde have brought the colourful and cute world of Disney Tsum Tsum alive for the first time ever on console.

For those not in the know a Tsum Tsum is a fluffy, bean-shaped plush toy that is stackable - in fact the word ‘tsum tsum’ literally means ‘stack stack’ in Japanese. Whirling their magic Disney combined beloved Disney characters with Tsum Tsum to create cute mini versions of popular characters in stackable form. 

Welcome to Disney Tsum Tsum Festival 
Disney Tsum Tsum Festival is a new party game packed with puzzles featuring playable versions of the cute and cuddly plush toys from the Disney Tsum Tsum toyline. 

Earn coins, rack up points and collect Tsum Tsums! Grab your friends and join the party with Disney’s fluffiest little plushes!

Out now on the Nintendo Switch the game introduces favourite Disney and Pixar characters as cute and fluffy Tsum Tsums who are ready to delight Disney fans of all ages.

The game is bursting with ‘Tsum’ fun thanks to a variety of different mini-games such as Tsum Curling, Bubble Hockey, Spinner Battle, Tsum Rhythm and more. It also includes the classic Tsum Tsum Puzzle game. 

The family friendly party game supports fun multiplayer action as it allows up to 4 players to embrace the Tsum fun. The minigames can be played in single player, cooperative multiplayer and competitive multiplayer mode. If you have the Nintendo online subscription service you can play Tsum Tsum festival online. 

To play Disney Tsum Tsum Festival you have to use the Nintendo Switch in either docked or tabletop mode.

The only exception to using the Switch docked or in tabletop mode is the classic Tsum Tsum Puzzle mini-game and present balloon where the Switch can be used in handheld mode. To play the addictive puzzle game you use the Nintendo Switch undocked with the screen in a vertical position.

As well as being able to select particular minigames to play you can also play festival tour mode where you play a number of games straight after each other.

The game incorporates the use of a single joy con controller to play which is held either horizontally or vertically depending on the game selected. Some of the games such as Ice Cream Stack and Egg Pack Coaster make use of motion control to play.

To help make playing easy when you play the mini games separately you can see the instructions for each game. However if you play the Tsum Festival Tour, where games flow one after the other, instructions for each game is not shown.

Most of the games allow you to play either in a VS battle or cooperative challenge. Along with the option of playing with friends, players can also choose to play against AI characters.

To play the game you can select a favourite Tsum Tsum character or choose to play with a random character.

Tsum Tsum fun
The game is a bundle of pure joy. As you load the game a stack of beloved rollie-pollie Tsum Tsum roll around on the screen, entertaining and delighting gamers with their cuteness and unbridled happiness. 

Living up to is name the game explodes with colour and sound - a visual celebration of happiness and tsum-thing fun with the game’s loading screen evoking the fun of a festival. 

The music is lively and bursting with a fun, good-feel factor that brings the festival atmosphere alive.

In a colourful party room you can move around different icons to decide which minigame to play as well as selected options such as change Tsum Tsum character.

The kids love playing the game and find it brilliant that their favourite Disney and Pixar characters Buzz, Pacman, Tigger, Lightning McQueen and of course Minnie and Mickey Mouse are in the colourful game.

They also love the fact that they can earn coins to get new Tsum Tsum characters. Unboxing a new Tsum Tsum character is a jubilant celebratory fanfare, with a present balloon bringing a shiny present that is unwrapped to reveal the cute character. 

The arcade style experience is lots of fun and the 12 mini-games means the fun is varied and there is something for everyone as we have family fun playing the game. The minigames are child friendly  and are ideal for fun with friends and family. The boys love playing in cooperative mode which they found to be lots of fun and love the party feel of the game. 

The boys love Tsum Chase which is basically a Pac-Man style game. Players have to eat as many glowing dots as they can in a minute with the player with the most points at the end being crowned victorious. But in true Pac-Man style it’s not that straightforward as ghosts are on the prowl and if they eat you you lose points and have to wait a few seconds to recover. They love the frantic, exciting game play and have played numerous times trying to beat each other.

They also love the minigame Lost Treasure where you get new Tsum Tsums in the fun coin pusher game. Bringing the fun and thrill of the arcade into a game the boys have enjoyed the tension of the game.

Another firm favourite minigame is the high-speed, action packed Egg Pack Coaster which is a thrilling roller coaster race. Using motion control your character speeds along the twisting roller coaster, sometimes falling out of the egg pack coaster when you need to help get them back in.

Tsum Tsum love
We have loved the game with it being great family fun. It is fantastic for younger players and wonderful for Disney fans. As we have enjoyed the game it would be lovely to see more minigames in the future via DLC. The only downside to the game is that the boys have loved the cute characters that they want to buy Tsum Tsum plushes!

The game is a lovely infusion of fun minigames with cute Disney Tsum Tsums. It is a truly heart-warming joyful game.

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival is available now on Nintendo Switch.


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  6. Mellissa Williams1 December 2019 at 20:34

    What a fun game! I can see this being very popular on Christmas lists this year, it looks very engaging.

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