Wednesday 4 December 2019

Eco friendly Christmas gift ideas


SueMe® Tree Trunks underwear
SueMe®, the responsibly sourced sportswear brand, have a range of sustainable and stylish sports performance underwear that are ideal for gifting this Christmas.

Tree Trunks underwear are manufactured from 95% Beech Tree pulp with 5% lycra for support and to help retain shape and fit. SueMe® Tree Trunks are silky soft to the touch, comfortable, close fitting, wickable, breathable, fast drying and naturally antibacterial. The underwear are available in a variety of colours and designs (prices start from £20).

The sports performance underwear are packaged in a box manufactured from recycled board which is printed using vegetable inks. The box also contains a free packet of beech birch and wild meadow flower seeds to help customers ‘give something back’ and further connect with nature, whilst replenishing the earth that SueMe underwear is grown from.

A lovely gift to give to loved ones to protect them this winter in comfort and style. The Polar BUFF® neck and headgear is the ultimate in winter headwear.

Polar BUFF® is an Original BUFF® with the addition of a section of Classic Polartec® fleece. In cold weather Polar BUFF® helps to maintain body temperature and prevents heat loss. It also offers sun protection thanks to UPF 50 protection. Made from recycled polyester microfibre from recycled bottles the headwear is a perfect gift for people who appreciate eco-friendly products.

This particular Polar BUFF® design is beautiful with a wonderful blend of colours including blue, purple and pink. The headwear is super soft to touch and comfortable to wear. It features a four way stretch and as it is a multifunctional item of headwear that can be worn as a neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hair-band, balaclava, scarf, bonnet, saharaine, pirate cap or beanie. Not only does the soft fabric provide comfort but the fact that it is 100% seamless also adds to the comfort and luxury of the headwear.

This particular BUFF®  headwear has an RRP £27.25. BUFF® has a wide range of other head and neckwear in a variety of colours and styles available.

Evolve Beauty African Orange Aromatic Infusions 
Indulge in ultimate relaxation with the African Orange Duo. This dreamy pair boast a “scentsational” uplifting natural fragrance, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated. The packaging is beautiful and stylish, the aroma is wonderful and the products are sumptuously kind to skin.

The Evolve Beauty African Orange Aromatic Infusions gift set (RRP £28) contains a 250ml bottle of African Orange Aromatic Wash and a 250ml bottle of African Orange Aromatic Lotion. To give your skin TLC with the aromatic skincare products massage African Orange Aromatic Wash onto damp skin and rinse thoroughly, then rub the African Orange Aromatic Lotion onto clean dry skin paying special attention to nails & cuticles.

Suitable for all skin types this Evolve Beauty gift set contains natural, vegan friendly products. This wonderful gift set contains handcrafted products that are eco friendly, cruelty free and do not contain any toxic chemicals. The bottles are also made from 75% recycled materials.

The aromatic lotion and wash contains blood orange essential oil which increases blood flow to the skin and the aroma relaxes the spirit and evokes cheer, cedarwood oil to soothe and provide earthy aromas, black pepper essential oil to provide antibacterial and antioxidant benefits along with a warming aroma plus shea butter to pamper the skin with essential fatty acids and nutrients.

Scentered Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Mini Balms Christmas Edition
The Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Mini Balms Tin Christmas Edition (RRP £26) contains five of Scentered’s best-selling 100% natural essential oil therapy balm sticks - SLEEP WELL, DE-STRESS, HAPPY, FOCUS and ESCAPE. 

DE-STRESS - A remarkably soothing blend to evoke calmness, control and feeling of well-being thanks to the blend of chamomile, neroli and mandarin oils.
SLEEP WELL - Awake well-rested thanks to the alluring blend that relaxes body and quietens the mind. It contains a sophisticated floral blend of lavender, chamomile, palmarosa and ho wood, bois de rose, geranium, patchouli, clove and ylang ylang oils.
FOCUS - An invigorating blend that will help focus your mind and boost concentration. The balm stimulates mental activity and relieves mental fatigue thanks to the beautiful blend of rosemary, mint and clary sage oils.
ESCAPE - The blend instantly transports you mentally to “me time” thanks o enticing blend of oud, sandalwood and frankincense oils.
HAPPY - The “sunshine in a stick" provides uplifting, energising and positive benefits thanks to the blend of citrus, mint, grapefruit, lemon myrtle and spearmint oils.

Each 1.5g mess-free mini balm contains up to 25 essential oils, which deliver a uniquely glorious 100% natural fragrance. The portable, nourishing balms have been carefully formulated with a blend of moringa and shea butter, to ensure a non-greasy finish to help you mindfully transition throughout your daily journey. Thanks to the travel-friendly tin you can transport your balms with you so you always have them at hand.

Each balm can be used individually to target a specific need or together, as a personal mood and lifestyle support 'tool kit'. Scentered’s wellbeing ritual for improved mindfulness requires you to STOP - apply a balm directly to your wrist, neck and temples; INHALE - deeply inhale the aroma of the balm applied to your skin whilst visualizing the mind state you wish to achieve in that moment and RESET - exhale deeply as you step into the next moment of your daily journey.

The Christmas edition gift set is beautiful with the fragrant mini balm sticks safely nestled in the gorgeous tin which is adorned with a lovely design. All of the ingredients used in Scentered products are 100% natural, not tested on animals and the packaging is recyclable.

Scentered HAPPY travel aromatherapy candle
Providing a blast of sunshine the aromatherapy candle evokes feelings of happiness. The HAPPY travel candle (RRP £16.95) is an uplifting citrus and mint blend that delivers an instant burst of positivity and is perfect when expressing moments of gratitude. 

Their therapeutic candles are made from a custom blend of natural waxes, sustainably sourced and non-GM, with pure essential oils for a clean burn and natural fragrance. 

The travel sized candle (85g / 3 oz) boasts a burn time of 18 hours. It can be used to improve wellbeing by lighting a candle, inhaling the fragrant aromas and visualising an improved state of mind.

All of the ingredients used in Scentered products are 100% natural, not tested on animals and the packaging is recyclable.

The aromatherapy candle is nestled in a beautiful box and would make a lovely gift to give loved ones.

Ohelo reusable water bottle
Say Ohelo to a gift that supports the hydration revolution. Plus 5% of Ohelo’s profits are donated to charitable organisations. The reusable water bottles are eco friendly and can be recycled. The lovely packaging is also recycled and recyclable. 

Refreshingly different Ohelo bottles are a unique British design with form and function being the focus of the made in the UK reusable bottles. The bottles (RRP £29-£33) are durable and are vacuum insulated with double walled high grade 18/8 stainless steel so they keep contents hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

They feature an interchangeable and comfortable carry strap, leak-proof lid, lead-free powder coat for slip-resistant high-end finish, wide opening big enough for ice cubes and electropolished interior to enhance bacterial resistance. They are also safe to use as they are BPA, BPS AND BPF free.

The 500ml Yellow Bee is a vibrant water bottle that is beautifully adorned with a stunning laser etched honeycomb and mini bee design. The Ohelo water bottles are available in a range of other wonderful designs including blossom and swallows.

Beautiful, functional, reusable and kind to the environment the Ohelo reusable water bottles would make a lovely gift to help fight the war on plastic.

Ohelo Tumblers
Ohelo Tumblers are reusable vacuum insulated tumblers made from double walled high grade 18/8 stainless steel. Go from sip-mode to leak-proof with a simple twist. They are so much more than a coffee cup as they feature an innovative removable mesh attachment that is versatile as it can be used as a tea strainer, protein shaker or fruit infuser, making the Ohelo tumbler suitable for all your refreshment needs. A true multi-tasker!

They have electropolished interiors for bacterial resistance, are BPA, BPS and BPF free and are vacuum insulated with double walled high grade 18/8 stainless steel. The packaging is recycled and recyclable with the tumblers being reusable and recyclable.  

Humble Brush
Switch to Humble Brush and enjoy a bamboo toothbrush that is both great for your teeth and the environment. With a 100% sustainable bamboo handle that is biodegradable and a head containing bristles that can go to plastic recycling plus recyclable packaging the Humble Brush is an eco-friendly toothbrush. Lasting as long as an ordinary plastic toothbrush, the Humble Brush was designed in Sweden by a team of dentists. 

Not only is Humble Brush eco-friendly but it is also a socially responsible toothbrush choice, as every Humble purchase funds projects for the benefit of children in need.

The Humble Brush is stylish, comfortable and helps keep teeth sparkling clean. Available from Holland and Barrett stores and website the range includes the Humble Toothbrush adult medium toothbrush (RRP £3.99) and Humble Brush adult soft bristle toothbrush (RRP £3.99). Ditch the plastic toothbrush and join the Humble family to make a difference - be kind to the plant, Humble to others and support the funding of children’s products #GoHumble.

VARTA rechargeable batteries
If you're buying someone a gift that needs batteries as it's helpful to include a pack of batteries with it why not gift a set of rechargeable batteries. 

VARTA Recharge Accus rechargeable batteries are reliable, innovative and high tech batteries that are good for both protecting your money and the environment.

One of the main reasons to buy VARTA rechargeable batteries is that they are kinder to the environment than standard alkaline batteries. Using rechargeable batteries can help lower your carbon footprint. The benefits of rechargeable batteries are -
* Save batteries - As Accus can be recharged thousands of times, they can replace thousands of alkaline batteries.
* Save money - 4 VARTA Rechargeable batteries can replace up to 4000 standard batteries. 
* Save material and packaging - The replacement of alkaline batteries saves a lot of raw materials and packaging as less batteries are produced.
* Save water and energy - Less batteries lead to less water and energy consumption due to lower battery productions.
* Save transports - Lower battery productions and purchasing rates result in reduced transportation and pollution.

The Personal Barber Premium Shaving gift set
Turn shaving into a luxurious experience with this premium gift set. Beautifully presented in a luxurious black gift box the premium shaving gift set (RRP £39.99) includes everything you need for the best shave ever - premium DE safety razor, luxurious synthetic hair shaving brush, Oatcake Soaps Mahogany Shaving Soap, 5 Astra DE razor blades and our step by step guide on mastering your new grooming tools.

The Personal Barber products are ideal for people who prefer natural ingredients over instant foam chemicals as their sets include products made with natural ingredients such as the Oatcake Soaps Mahogany Shaving soap. The luxurious, handmade skin loving shaving soap contains natural ingredients, lathers beautifully and smells amazing.
The beauty of the gift set with safety razor is that users can help save the planet a little as the blade can be recycled and the reusable safety razor can replace plastic, disposable razors that fill landfill sites forever.

As well as selling one-off sets such as this premium gift set, The Personal Barber is also a recurring subscription service that sends high quality shaving products so recipients can enjoy premium, traditional shaves at home.

VASO Glass Straws 
As plastic, disposable straws are a blight on the environment are to be banned in the UK and EU in 2020/2021, these eco glass straws are the perfect alternative. 

VASO premium glass straws are eco-friendly straws which are sustainable, reusable and recyclable.

Produced in Germany from strong, premium quality glass that contains only natural materials, VASO glass straws are not only sustainable, environmentally friendly and recyclable but they are also durable, food safe and dishwasher safe. Thanks to the fact that VASO’s glass straws are free from plastics, toxins, mineral oils and BPA they deliver a 100% pure taste.

Not only are the glass straws fully recyclable and sustainable but the packaging is also created from sustainable materials and is recyclable. So that you can say no to plastic straws when out and about VASO offer a range of high quality bamboo travel cases which are designed specifically for the 3 different lengths of straws - 15cm, 20cm and 23cm.

Stylish, eco-friendly, practical and superb quality they are a wonderful gift to give to loved ones.

* This gift guide contains product samples provided for inclusion in the gift guide plus items previously bought or gifted for review.


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    Katie xoxo

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