Monday 9 December 2019

Gift ideas for kids - part 1


Interaction - The Party Game
Interaction - The Party Game by Rudy Games is a fun filled, unique gaming experience perfect for gaming with friends and family (2-9+ players). The interactive and totally crazy party game is a game for all - old or young, brainiac or athlete Interaction puts all your talents, senses and knowledge to the test. Only those who are best at each category can be the lucky winner at the end.

To enjoy this innovative game simply unpack and play. Open the game box, download the app and start playing! The app also features regular and free updates that offer small improvements and new questions and mini-games.

Designed for players aged 8+ years the app automatically adjusts the questions and tasks to the location and age of each player. This means an eight-year old gets different tasks than a ten-year old or adult. There is even customized game content for grandparents.

The game has five categories - knowledge, creativity, sports, social and games. There are over 25 mini-games to challenge all the senses and talents. Every player has the chance to prove their abilities.

OJO Atomic Force Chemistry Board Game
Created by OJO who make smart games for future innovators the Atomic Force Chemistry board game (RRP £16.99) is a fun yet educational family friendly game for children aged 6+ years. The game supports STREAM learning.

Blending chemistry theory with gamified learning styles the game allows children to feel like a chemist. Bringing the wonderful world of chemistry to a fun game so that children can be introduced to scientific concepts, OJO have simplified complicated concepts for young children to understand. 

The Atomic Force board game teaches fundamental chemistry concepts. Players learn how to build simple elements and compounds for everyday materials with atomic building blocks!

The aim of the game is for players to get their avatar across the board from start to finish by collecting atomic particles- Protons, Neutrons and Electrons - along the way by rolling the colour coded dice which they need to use to solve diļ¬€erent challenges to build simple elements and compounds with the first player to finish winning the game.

My Discovery Telescope 
The Thames and Kosmos My Discovery Telescope (RRP £16.99) is a science and discovery toy from the Nature Discovery range. Providing scientific fun-factor the telescope supports STEM learning.

When there are footprints on the moon, the sky's never the limit. Designed for entry- level astronomers (6+ years), this super-cool telescope is a must for little ones wanting to get closer to the stars.

Equipped with a 12x optical magnification and a soft shell ocular lens cover (eye piece) to provide greater comfort, young researchers are able to view the stars at night, watch wildlife, or become seagoing pirates as they explore the far-away universe closer.

Doctor Who Tardis Desk Tidy
The officially licensed Doctor Who Tardis desk tidy (RRP £24.99) is a perfect wooden replica of the iconic blue police phone box that has carried the time lord to every time and dimension in the galaxy. The wooden Tardis desk tidy would be a lovely gift to give Doctor Who fans this Christmas.

The wooden Tardis desk tidy is a faithful reproduction of the doctor’s infamous Tardis. The Tardis is durable thanks to strong wooden construction and features a hinged door and roof. The desk tidy is detail rich and made to a high standard with exquisite, finish, superb paintwork and details such as intricate signage.

The Tardis Desk Tidy is set to take stationery into another dimension! Standing at 22.5cm tall by 13cm wide and deep, the desk tidy is bigger on the inside than it seems. Just like the cavernous original, the eye catching wooden Tardis desk tidy is bigger than it appears, with plenty of room for hiding pens and pencils.

Jelly Belly Harry Potter™ MAGICAL SWEETS
Jelly Belly has put on it's sorting hat to bring you Harry Potter™ Magical Sweets!

The pack of Magical Sweets (RRP £3.00) are a new addition to the Harry Potter™ range of delectable treats from Jelly Belly. Great for Harry Potter fans and are wonderful for adding a little magic to Christmas. The sweet are gluten free, gelatine free, dairy free, fat free, peanut free and certified OU Kosher.

The fun-to-eat Jelly shapes are as delicious as they are entertaining!  5 intense fruit flavours in 5 iconic magical shapes, our gummies make the perfect soft chew treat. The magically tasty flavors include berry, sour cherry, tangerine, watermelon and banana.

Jelly Belly Harry Potter’s™ Milk Chocolate Wand
Harry Potter fans can now own a copy of Harry Potter’s own wand deliciously magical chocolate form!

The Harry Potter™ Milk Chocolate Wand  (RRP:£9.80) in made with 42g of delicious chocolate and the infamous wand in chocolate form is approximately 25cm long. 

The wand is packaged in a spellbinding box and each wand comes with a collectible spell sheet ready for you to cast away!  

Trends Science Mad Chemistry Lab Set
Perfect for budding scientists aged 10+ years, the Trends Science Mad Chemistry Lab is an educational, hands-on set that teaches kids about the wonderful world of chemistry.

Thanks to the well-equipped laboratory set children can discover the wonders of chemistry. The set includes an excellent selection of 10 different chemicals plus a real methylated spirit burner. 

Perform 80+ safety-tested, themed experiments, all clearly planned and set out within the detailed instruction manual. The set allows children to understand how different chemicals substances behave and using the spirit burner children can learn about fascinating chemical reactions involving heat.

A few of the items in the Chemistry Lab set

The Trends Science Mad Chemistry Lab is the perfect starter kit for any young scientist and the set supports and encourages STEM learning.

Xtrem Bots Smart Bot
Robotic fun can be had with the Trends Xtrem Bots Smart Bot (£29.99). Aimed at children 5+ years the Smart Bot robot features 50 different actions and robotic sounds.

Smart Bot can either walk or slide forwards, backwards or side to side plus the bot even dances! Along with directional movements and dance mode the robot also features speed and volume adjustment.

The 20 function remote control has a range of up to 5 meters and can be used to program up to 50 consecutive actions for Smart Bot to follow. Smart Bot’s in-built motion detectors means that the robot uses ‘smart control’ technology to recognise hand gestures for additional movement. The robot also features LED eyes to produce a variety of facial expressions. 

Carlton Books Space Race book
Author Ben Hubbard’s Space Race hardback book (RRP £12.99) is part of the Carlton Books Kids range of books. Featuring 96 pages the book is an educational and informative look at the race to space. Featuring a mix of photographs and illustrations the detail in the book is exquisite and the facts interesting for kids wanting to learn more about space.

The innovative book features augmented reality technology that brings the book to life in a fun, interesting, clever and new way.

Download the free app to bring space exploration to life like no other book. See the Apollo 11 lunar module, the ISS Space Station and the Curiosity Mars rover in close-up 3D, and watch the book come to life when video clips of NASA footage play 'on the page' when viewed through your smartphone or tablet.

This richly illustrated, immersive experience tells the awe-inspiring story of space exploration, looking back in time to the first satellites that were sent into orbit and forward to future missions to Mars. Photographic features highlight key spacecraft such as Vostock 1, the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle and the Hubble Space Telescope.

Wow Stuff! Invisibility Cloak
Appear to disappear! 

Inspired by the iconic Invisibility Cloak that made its first appearance in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone the Wow! Stuff Invisibility Cloak allows fans to own their very own Wizarding World inspired garment that will make it look like anyone or anything has disappeared.

Developed by Wow! Stuff in collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer products, the Invisibility Cloak and Wow! Stuff app (included) allows users to recreate infamous scenes from the Harry Potter films.

You won’t believe your eyes at how spellbounding this cloak is. The magical illusion Invisibility Cloak features authentic patterning as seen in the films and a green silk style interior. Bring magical alive this Christmas with the Wow! Stuff Invisibility Cloak.

Jooki music and story player
Jooki is a screen free music and story player that uses ToyTouch technology. Thanks to 5 magical ToyTouch characters children can independently trigger playlists from spotify or mp3 content to listen to music and stories without the help of adults.

Jooki is sturdy and splash-proof on the outside. It is also portable, can be used online and offline plus has a battery life of up to 8 hours.

* The gift guide includes product samples provided for the gift guide, products we have previously reviewed plus items from our boys' Christmas wish lists *


  1. My son used to be big into Dr Who. That desk tidy looks great for an Whovians out there!

  2. What a great gift idea, I know the Harry Potter sweets would be popular in our house

  3. My girls love their music and Jooki looks right up their street. It would keep them busy for hours.

  4. These are all really lovely ideas. We've got the science kit and that is fantastic! I'd love to get the kids the smart bot too.

  5. WOW I love all your ideas here. The telescope and the Chocolate wand are great gift ideas for sure xx

  6. Great ideas! I think the Jooki would be a fab idea for my little girl who loves to listen to music or stories before bed sometimes to help her sleep. I know both my little ones would have loads of fun with the invisibility cloak too, that's so cool!

  7. We love Harry Potter and Jelly Belly's so the combination between the two would be great for us!

  8. The Harry Potter sweets are so much fun and would make great stocking fillers.

  9. That Jooki music player would make a wonderful gift. My kids would absolutely love the telescope too - they love things like that.

  10. There is something on this list for each of my children, although I think the Harry potter invisibility cloak would be something we'd all have fun doing

  11. I am definitely going to be picking up a few of these for Jack - he would love the Chemistry Lab set and the Harry Potter stuff.